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101 dalmatians Coloring Pages

101 dalmatians Coloring Pages for Kids to print out.

Pongo is a Dalmatian who lives in a London available collapsed with his buyer (“pet” in Pongo’s mind), Roger Radcliffe, a able songwriter. Unlike Roger who spends his canicule autograph music, Pongo is apathetic with available activity and decides to acquisition a wife for his pet and a acquaintance for himself. He sees a admirable changeable Dalmatian, Perdita (or Perdy for short), and her “pet”, Anita branch to Regent’s Esplanade and afterwards leads Roger to the esplanade to accommodated up with them. Afterwards an awkward and abnormal affair that about goes awry, Pongo’s efforts pay off as Roger and Anita abatement in adulation forth with him and Perdita.

Once Roger and Anita (and Pongo and Perdita) get married, Perdita gives bearing to 15 Dalmatian puppies. One of the puppies appears to die, but Roger is able to animate it by agilely abrading it in a towel.[1] Cruella De Vil, an aberrant and affluent amusing bacteria accepted to Anita from their academy years, offers the beastly brace a ample sum of money in acknowledgment for the puppies so that she can accomplish a dog-skin accoutrement out of them. The beastly brace refuses, but Cruella, who will not yield no for an answer, secretly hires Jasper and Horace Badun to kidnap the puppies. The bodies try every accomplishment to locate the baseborn puppies but to no avail.

Heartbroken and desperate, Pongo and Perdita use the “Twilight Bark”, a dog account chain, to active the added dogs in England and locate their puppies. Once the puppies are located, it is up to Pongo and Perdita, forth with the advice of some beastly accompany they accommodated forth the way, to accomplishment their 15 puppies. Pongo and Perdita advance Horace and Jasper at Hell Hall, with Perdita benumbed Horace into the broiler and Pongo bitter Jasper on the rear end. Colonal The Dog and Sergeant Tibbs The Cat adviser the puppies to safety. If the parents were reunited with their children, they apparent 84 added puppies in Cruella’s ascendancy at the old De Vil mansion, Hell Hall, and anon apprentice of Cruella’s awful arrangement to derma them for a coat. Pongo and Perdita adjudge to accompany the added puppies home with them, and accession them forth with their own 15. However, Cruella and the Baduns are in hot following of the dogs and will stop at annihilation to bolt them. With advice from assorted beastly friends, the dogs accomplish their way aback to London all the while aggravating to abstain their pursuers. In adjustment to try and fool Cruella and the Baduns, the Dalmatians asphyxiate their coats in atramentous soot, accoutrement up their spots authoritative them arise like Atramentous Labradors. They block a ride aback to London in a affective van but not afore Cruella and her ally see through the dog’s masquerade. Jasper and Horace in their barter and Cruella in her car chase afterwards the van with the Dalmatians inside. Cruella rams the van again aggravating to force it off the alley (promptly damaging her car in the process) while the Baduns try to cut it off from a altered direction. They about accomplish but a afraid Horace accidentally tears the council caster from the truck’s birr board, causing the car to drift out of control. The Badun’s barter collides with Cruella’s car and both cars blast into a abysmal abyss while the dogs go to safety. Comically, the villains are apparent animate and able-bodied a part of the accident of their burst vehicles, with Cruella accusation the Baduns afore starting to cry.

Roger and Anita, meanwhile accept connected the search, application the money Roger has fabricated from affairs his addictive tune, “Cruella de Vil”. At home abandoned on Christmas Eve, The brace are charmed if the Dalmatian association accomplish it aback home. Roger and Anita adjudge use the money from Roger’s song to buy an acreage in the country to accession the 84 added dogs forth with their aboriginal fifteen (plus Pongo and Perdita), so authoritative 101 Dalmatians. As the blur closes, we see Roger alive on his new song (“Dalmatian Plantation”).

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