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Cruella de Vil, afterwards three years in prison, has been convalescent by Dr. Pavlov to accomplish abiding she never has a animalism for fur coats. She is afterwards arise on parole, but on the compassionate that, should she echo her crimes, her money will be donated to a dogs’ home and she will be beatific aback to prison. As a aftereffect of the curing, Cruella, now declared ‘Ella’, begins to accept adulation for animals and as she is released, she rids herself of her old fur coats and the cartoon of her in a Dalmatian puppy coat.

Meanwhile, Dipstick, one of the puppies from the aboriginal blur (one of the aboriginal 15 puppies of Pongo and Perdita), is now an developed and is endemic by Cruella’s acquittal officer, Chloe Simon, who purchased Dipstick from Roger and Anita Dearly. Dipstick is the acquaintance to Chloe’s changeable Dalmatian, Dottie, and the brace has three puppies by the names of Domino- due to the domino-like spots on his ears-, Little Dipper- with a atramentous appendage like his father- and Oddball, whom the parents are careful of and is about “an odd one”, mainly due to her abridgement of spots. The pups, now a few weeks old, are watching their ancestor and Chloe’s friend, Agnes, arena a battle game. While Cruella has a chat with Chloe, Camp is acceptable bedeviled with spots aback she is the abandoned affiliate in her ancestors who doesn’t accept spots. While she uses ink to pretend she has spots, Camp is agape out of a window and her brothers chase her.

Soon, Chloe and Agnes blitz to accomplishment them and as the sounds of Big Ben, the city’s anxiety tower, activate to dong, Cruella begins to feel urges, recognising Dipstick from her above-mentioned experience. Afterwards the scuffle, she begins to see spots everywhere in the city-limits aback sounds of the anxiety belfry accept jolted her academician after-effects aback into her old self.

Cruella afresh affairs to get the ultimate fur coat: the Dalmatian puppy coat. As her assistant Alonzo active off to acquisition a few puppies, Cruella hires furrier Jean-Pierre LePelt to advice her on her way to abduction 102 puppies (She’s adapted the aboriginal covering to cover a hood, appropriately the added three puppies). Kevin Shepard, the buyer of the Additional Chance dog accommodation breadth Cruella has been confined her association service- and, ironically the dogs’ home that would accept Cruella’s money if she afresh her crimes-, asks Chloe to arise to banquet while Dipstick, Dottie, the pups and Kevin’s adopted dogs (as able-bodied as a parrot declared Waddlesworth who’s assertive he’s a rotteweiler) watch a children’s cine (Disney’s Lady and the Tramp). Soon, Alonzo gathers added puppies and as a anxiety arise that a box of abandoned puppies are at the bridge. Kevin gets his friend, Ewan, to acquisition them, but as the badge access at the shelter, they anticipate that Kevin had baseborn the puppies with the ambition of framing Cruella.

Arrested, Kevin and his dogs activate to accept a bad activity at bastille and as Cruella invites Chloe to dinner, Jean-Pierre sneaks into her accommodation to abduction Domino, Little Dipper, and Oddball. However, he ends up accepting ambushed by Dottie, who bites Jean-Pierre active in the butt. Afterwards capturing her, he gets the pups and afterwards the furrier trips into the closet. Oddball, afterwards authoritative an alert, afresh is assuredly bent by Jean-Pierre and Dipstick follows them on the way. Hearing the alert, Kevin and the dogs able out the bastille and as they apprehend that Cruella, Jean-Pierre, and Alonzo are branch to Paris.

Oddball is larboard abaft afterwards Cruella realises her spotless state, but Waddlesworth flies to her if she attempts to chase her brothers assimilate the train, acumen that he’s not a rotweiler afterwards all, he’s a retriever! Sneaking into a fur factory, Waddlesworth and Camp ascertain the added puppies in the basement and managed to get them out afterwards Chloe and Kevin are trapped by Cruella forth with the dogs. As they arch to the bakery, Cruella, furious, active afterwards them while Alonzo and Jean-Pierre accept a fight. Afterwards accoutrement him, the bodies and dogs arch off to acquisition the puppies.

At the bakery, Cruella attempts to get Camp afterwards accepting put in block machinery, accepting eggs all over her, accepting dumped by flour, and accepting ashore axial the block batter. Covered in the batter, she throws Camp in the way of three shredders but she manages to abstain accepting dead and Cruella is affected into the oven. As the ancestors reunites, Cruella, axial a cake, gets squirted by frosting, has sprinkles dumped on her, and gets drooled. Afresh she is kicked into the restaurant and she and Jean-Pierre are afterwards put into prison.

A few weeks afterwards in London, Kevin and Chloe are now affianced and Additional Chance receives, as per the cloister order, Cruella’s affluence amounting to £8 million; Alonzo abandoned delivers the check. Chloe and Kevin allotment a kiss while Camp appears at the shelter’s sign, slides and all-overs assimilate Chloe, covered in bedraggled spots. At the actual end of the film, it turns out that Camp assuredly has her spots and anybody became aflame to see that the advocate has her bequest at last.

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