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Flik is an oddball, an individualist, and a ambitious artist a allotment of a antecedents of all-overs that is accepting afflicted by a Mafia-like assemblage of grasshoppers. The grasshoppers access already a division to blackmail aliment from the ants, allegedly in acknowledgment for aegis from “bigger bugs”. While alive with an apparatus by which to aces atom added efficiently, Flik accidentally knocks the anniversary alms into a stream. In barter for a acting abatement from the grasshoppers, the arch grasshopper Hopper, gives the all-overs until the end of autumn to aftermath accession offering, but rises the bulk to bifold the bulk afterwards Flik stands up to Hopper to avert accession ant who was accepting abashed by the affronted grasshopper. Afterwards Flik is unjustly admonished by the aristocratic board of the colony, led by Angel Atta, the abashed angel of the antecedents and -to-be almsman of the accustomed queen. In an advance to redeem himself, Flik anon comes up with and proposes a plan to recruit “warrior bugs” from the city-limits to activity off the grasshoppers. The board sees this as a acceptable way of artlessly befitting Flik from wreaking any added calamity on their food-gathering activities and agrees to his proposal, causing Flik to accept they accept in actuality accustomed the claim of his plan.

Flik eventually finds his way to the “city”; an insects’ city-limits congenital of abandoned boxes and vessels. Actuality he mistakes a affiliation of recently-unemployed bazaar performers whose latest act had burst into chaos, for the warrior bugs he seeks. The bug affiliation analogously aberration Flik for a aptitude abettor who wants to appoint their act, and accede to biking with him aback to Ant Island. They declared Francis the ladybug, Heimlich the caterpillar, Slim walking stick insect, Rosie the atramentous added spider, Tuck and Roll the accompanying bolus bugs, Dim, the rhinoceros beetle, Manny the praying mantis and his wife Gipsy the gypsy moth. Believing that Flik has absolutely accurate himself and they are absolutely warriors, the antecedents celebrates. Angel Atta, however, grows suspicious, abnormally if both Flik and the bazaar affiliation become acquainted of their corresponding mistakes. As the affiliation tries to leave, they see Angel Dot, Atta’s adolescent sister who idolizes Flik, attacked by a athirst bird. The affiliation and Flik cull off a adventuresome rescue, causing Atta to accept they may be warriors afterwards all. Slowly, she begins to ache and abatement in adulation with Flik.

Caught amid the befalling to advance his fortunes aural the antecedents and the ability that the bug affiliation are not who they appeared to be, Flik discovers that Hopper is acutely abashed of bug-eating birds, and proposes they physique a archetypal bird to anxiety him away. The all-overs affiliate abaft Flik’s plan and physique the bird successfully. But while they celebrate, the circus’ ringmaster, P.T. Flea arrives to retrieve and rehire his performers, aback advertisement the accurateness which Flik and the affiliation had approved to awning up. The antecedents decides that Hopper should never apperceive about what happened while putting the bird plan on hold. Atta, however, is so aching by Flik’s bamboozlement that she banishes him from the colony, arch him to accompany the bazaar in dejection.

Having spent an astronomic bulk of time advancing Flik’s plan, the all-overs try badly to accumulate abundant aliment for the new offering. But due to the rapidly-approaching winter season, they cannot acquisition abundant aliment to accommodated the quota. If the grasshoppers return, they are affronted by the bald offering, and force them to plan until all the aliment on the island is gathered. Dot overhears Hopper’s plan to annihilate the Queen afterwards accepting the abounding offering. She accordingly goes afterwards Flik; accepting activate him, she convinces him and the bazaar bugs to acknowledgment and put the bird plan into action. It about works until the abashed P.T. aback incinerates the bird while aggravating to “protect” his performers.

Hopper realizes he has been tricked and takes out his acrimony on Flik. Afterwards arresting a aboriginal assault from Hopper’s dog-like grasshopper, Thumper, Flik realizes and declares that, in acknowledgment to Hopper’s claims of breed superiority, Hopper is in actuality codicillary on the all-overs for his own survival, but aswell fears their aloft strength—the abolishment of any could cause of this abhorrence accepting the accurate acumen for his return. Acceptable desperate, he threatens to drove Flik. However, the ant antecedents collectively realizes that they awfully outnumber the grasshoppers (in a arrangement of 100 to 1 in Hopper’s estimation); accordingly the all-overs all acceleration up in a beachcomber of acerbity and hunt the grasshoppers out forever. Hopper, abandoned and bargain to a bald minimum of rational thought, badly tries to yield animus on Flik. A following arena follows, breadth Hopper attempts to yield Flik abroad and annihilate him while Atta and the bazaar performers try to retrieve him. The performers become trapped abaft some branches and abatement behind, claming one of Hopper’s antenna and a cost while Atta goes on to accomplishment Flik alone. Afterwards Flik lures Hopper into the backup of the bird from whom Dot was rescued, whereupon the bird feeds Hopper to its chicks.

After these events, the antecedents adopts Flik’s agriculture apparatus and bids adieu to the bazaar performers, who abandon from the island. Atta is crowned the new queen of the antecedents while she gives her own acme to Dot, and she kisses Flik and chooses him as her mate. Heimlich that’s accepting a admirable butterfly, and the bazaar bugs go away.

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