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abc coloring pages

ABC are the first three letters in the Latin Alphabet . ABC could also mean: easy as 123

“ABC-DEF-GHI” is a song sung by Big Bird of Sesame Street. It is also erroneously known as Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.

The song’s lyrics were written by Jon Stone and Joe Raposo, with music by Raposo. It first appeared on the Sesame Street television series in 1969.

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“ABC-DEF-GHI” has appeared on at least 14 different Sesame Street-related albums since its debut, counting renditions by Big Bird and Elmo and appearances in medleys.

Sesame Street skit

After finding the English alphabet written in chalk on the sidewalk, in a Sesame Street skit, Big Bird mistakes it for a very long word (“abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz”). With marching band-like accompaniment, he breaks into song, pronouncing the “word” as /ˈæbkəˈdɛfɡiˈdʒɛkəlməˈnɒpkwərˈstuːvwɨksɪz/. His brilliance as a bird, he thinks, will become known to all the world if he can ascertain the word’s meaning.

In the Sesame Street TV series, Big Bird describes to Susan that he is “using signs to practice learning words” by “going up and down Sesame Street reading all the signs”. After reading the signs “Sesame Street”, “Stop”, “Sale Yarn” and then says that there is a word he saw today, which he can hardly say and doesn’t know what it means. He tells her it’s /ˈæbkəˈdɛfɡiˈdʒɛkəlməˈnɒpkwərˈstuːvwɨksɪz/, and she can’t figure out what he’s talking about until he shows her the alphabet printed in white letters on a green chalkboard.

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