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Alvin Seville Alvin is a roller coaster. His activity is abundant and his anguish bottomless. The appellation attending afore you bound absolutely doesn’t administer to Alvin, who is impulsive, charming, agreeable and abounding of beastly magnetism.The character, who is heavily based on aloft affiliate James Sawyer consistently seems to accomplish up asinine schemes to get what his ambition at the time is, whether it be aggravating to advice his brothers, or befitting Dave from accession something out. However, Alvin seems to accredit to his about casuistic or crazy affairs as “challenging the ordinary”. Alvin’s signature blush is red, and he has amber eyes in the reside activity blur (Alvin and the Chipmunks) and dejected eyes in the series. He plays the guitar, piano and harmonica. Alvin holds the abode as the baton of the chipmunk trio. He and Brittany Miller of The Chipettes accept a love-hate relationship. According to “A Chat With Alvin”, he cannot accent Ross Bagdasarian, Jr.’s endure name correctly, which, at the end of the track, gets him yelled at by Ross, Jr. In the 2007 adaptation of Alvin and the Chipmunks, he is accurate by Justin Long. In the cine he describes himself aloft affair Dave as ‘the awesomest one’. Simon Seville In accession to accepting an IQ just arctic of Einstein, Simon possesses a actual dry faculty of amusement as able-bodied as a agog wit. Alvin exploits Simon’s adept apperception for his crazy schemes because he is acute abundant to backpack them out. In the end, Simon loves Alvin, although he secretly worries that they allotment the aforementioned gene pool. His signature blush is blue, and he has blue-gray eyes and atramentous glasses; his glasses had dejected frames afterwards the 1983 television series’ additional division up until the show’s final season, and in The Chipmunk Adventure. He aswell has amber fur in the film. He plays the bass, bass clarinet, saxophone, bagpipes, tuba, drums, and is apparent arena the keyboard in the aboriginal accessible for the 1980s series.[citation needed]. He was aswell apparent arena guitar in a 1980s Hardee’s commercial. Simon and Jeanette Miller of The Chipettes are actual shy about their adventurous relationship, but it’s accessible he cares for her. In the 2007 adaptation of Alvin and the Chipmunks, he is accurate by Matthew Gray Gubler and accustomed his glasses by Dave, who takes them from a Santa doll. Theodore Seville Theodore is the adolescent of innocence. He is shy, loving, sensitive, gullible, trusting, aboveboard and cute. In short, he is an simple ambition for Alvin’s manipulations. In fact, Theodore about holds the beat vote amid his two brothers’ choices of action. Simon appeals to Theodore’s bigger attributes while Alvin goes beeline to bribery. He is consistently appetite candy and in one episode, approved to eat Alvin’s duke because of his hunger. Theodore’s signature blush is green, and has the aforementioned blush eyes. He aswell has blonde/tan fur in the film. He plays the drums and the guitar. He is the babyish of the group. He and Eleanor Miller of The Chipettes are the a lot of accessible about their adventurous relationship. In the 2007 adaptation of Alvin and the Chipmunks, he is accurate by Jesse McCartney. David “Dave” Seville David Seville, or “Dave” to his accompany and the boys, has his backbone activated on a circadian basis. Not abandoned does he alter his able activity as the songwriter for the agreeable trio, but he’s aswell the Chipmunks’ adoptive ancestor and confidant. While Dave struggles to abide calm and objective, Alvin about pushes him over the edge, consistent in Dave’s acclaimed yell, “AAAALLLLVVVVIIIINNNN!!!!!!” to which Alvin about replies with a loud “OK!!” Dave plays piano and the guitar. In the 2007 adaptation of Alvin and the Chipmunks, he is played by Jason Lee.

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