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animal coloring pages

If you have a young child in your family, you may want to teach them early on the importance of caring for animals. Animals need to be respected and handled with caution. Teaching children about animals helps them have a good relationship with animals later on in life. Read on to learn more.


Start with lessons of compassion towards animals. Let the child know that animals are living things too and should not be treated cruelly.


Purchase a small pet. A small animal, such as a pet hamster, can help you teach your child the basics of feeding and cleaning an animal. Once they are older, you can progress to a larger animal, such as a dog.


Take the child to an animal shelter. This can help the child understand about pet adoption as well as the importance of keeping the pet population under control. Make a donation in honor of the child while you are there.


Go to the zoo. Read through the facts about each of the animals housed in the zoo. Quiz the child at the end of the visit to see how much of the information they have retained.



Sign your child up to receive KIND (Kids in Nature’s Defense) News sponsored by the Humane Society. The newsletter covers topics that relate to the way that children should treat and respect wildlife.

When you teach a child to be kind to animals, you help pave the way to a brighter future for all living beings. Animals benefit because the next generation has learned to treat them with respect and compassion, reducing instances of animal cruelty. Children benefit because learning about compassion and empathy early in life builds moral character, reduces violence, and builds a sense of empowerment and responsibility. And society as a whole benefits when its members are more caring towards each other and the animals who live among us.

Unfortunately, not all children are taught to be kind to animals. This gap may lead them to tease animals or otherwise disregard their feelings; in the worst cases, it can lead to acts of animal cruelty.

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