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Arthur Coloring Pages

Arthur is a long-running American and Canadian educational television alternation for children, that affectedness on PBS in the United States; Radio-Canada, Knowledge and TVO in Canada; ABC1 in Australia and BBC One in the UK. It is aired internationally in 82 countries and broadcasted circadian beyond 325 PBS stations in the United States alone.[1]

Arthur revolves about the lives of Arthur Timothy Read, an animal aardvark,[2] his accompany and family, and their circadian interactions with anniversary other. The alternation about deals with amusing and health-related issues that affect adolescent children. There is a able accent on the educational amount of books and libraries as able-bodied as relationships with accompany and ancestors members. The television alternation is based on the Arthur book series, that are illustrated and accounting by Marc Brown. In 1994, the Toronto-based Cinar, now Cookie Jar Group, began assembly of the activated series. Arthur has consistently remained one of the highest-rated shows on PBS Kids anytime back it started airing in September 1996

Each adventure of Arthur runs a half-hour. Episodes abide of two absolutely independent 11-minute stories. The episodes alpha off with one of the characters (usually Arthur) speaking appear the admirers about a bearings aural the adventure followed by the appellation card. The episodes are afar by a one- to two-minute live-action interstitial alleged And Now a Word from Us Kids (or, in some cases, a about-face of that appellation added specific to its contents). The live-action segments about consistently affection accouchement from elementary schools (generally in the Boston area) presenting capacity they are currently acquirements about or projects they accept been alive on in their classes. (The capacity covered actuality chronicle to the aboriginal animation articulation in the half-hour.) This articulation is apparent alone on PBS telecasts of the show, bushing amplitude contrarily acclimated for commercials, which are about banned on PBS. There is aswell a almost new articulation that sometimes appears at the end of the additional 11-minute adventure alleged �And Now a Word from Marc Brown� breadth he shows the admirers how to draw assorted capital characters from the show. In 2007, the appearance began auspicious admirers to forward in �video postcards� (similar to those acclimated in the aftereffect appearance Postcards from Buster), which are now apparent in the interstitials of new episodes.

In 2008, the Marc Brown Studios website appear that Seasons 12 and 13 are getting produced.

Arthur Read, the series� titular character, is an eight-year-old aardvark who lives in the fabulous boondocks of Elwood City. He is a third-grade apprentice at Lakewood Elementary School. Arthur�s ancestors includes two alive parents, his ancestor David (a chef) and his mother Jane(an accountant), his two adolescent sisters, Dora Winifred (D.W.), who is in preschool, and Kate, who is still an infant, and his dog Pal. Arthur aswell has several accompany who appear from assorted indigenous and socio-economic backgrounds, and he aswell occasionally meets with associates of his continued ancestors as well.

In the TV series, Elwood City is portrayed as a abundantly burghal breadth which bears a able affinity to the Boston area; the TV alternation is partially produced by WGBH. Furthermore, Elwood City�s able baseball team, the �Elwood City Grebes�, appears to be a fabulous representation of the Boston Red Sox. The adventure �The Curse of the Grebes� in Season 10 acutely references baseball belief such as The Curse of the Bambino. The aforementioned adventure aswell refers alongside to the animosity amid the Red Sox and the New York Yankees, as the Grebes accept a angry animosity with the Crown City Kings during the World Championship, a advertence to the World Series. Crown City, as featured in added episodes, is allegedly a fabulous representation of New York City. In one episode, it is accepted that an ice hockey aggregation antic the WGBH logo and the Boston Bruins� aggregation colors on their uniforms are Elwood City�s able (possibly NHL) hockey team.

There are aswell close references to Brown�s hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania. Most notably, the bounded arcade capital in the TV alternation is alleged �Mill Creek Mall�, an accessible advertence to Millcreek Mall. Brown himself declared that the alternation is afflicted by his accomplishments as a adolescent in Erie, Pennsylvania. There is aswell an absolute Ellwood City northwest of the Pittsburgh area, although it does not resemble the Elwood City in Arthur.