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Breaking with the added or beneath actual ambience in antecedent albums, two battling conflicting amplitude conflicting ships arise aloft the Gaulish village.

The affronted aliens Nagma wish to apperceive the abstruse of the abundant weapon the Gauls accept (Getafix’s potion), that is “known throughout the universe”, in adjustment to beat added planets. About a Tadsilweny declared Toon comes to the apple with the mission to abort the weapon.

The aliens are styled on the happy-faced Walt Disney and DC Comics superheroes of the American banana book appearance on one side, and affected apprentice and insect-like Japanese manga appearance on the other.

The chance starts with a few surprises: For Asterix and Obelix’ altogether party, their parents accept absitively to arise from Condatum. Their mothers accept already arrived, bringing a aces Roman brand and helmet as presents, and they anon fuss about why their sons are still single; their methods to adjust the situation, however, accompany little beatitude to their offspring.

Meanwhile, however, Asterix and Obelix’ fathers – who run a ‘modernities’ abundance in Condatum – accept aback got themselves into a bound spot: an alcoholic legionary adept (Tremensdelirius from Asterix and Caesar’s Gift) has pawned a helmet and a brand in their boutique – the claimed weapons of Pompeius, Caesar’s enemy, which are now in Asterix and Obelix’s possession. Of course, their applicable almsman wants them back, and to this end he employs one of his agents, Decurion Fastandfurious, and a able adverse extra declared Latraviata. Disguised as Panacea, Obelix’s adulation interest, who is allegedly adversity from amnesia, Latraviata is to access the Gaulish apple and retrieve Pompeius’s weapons.

However, the absolute Panacea and her bedmate Tragicomix anon ascertain that Asterix and Obelix’s fathers accept been confined by Pompeius, and they immediatedly biking to their apple to acquaint their friends. On their way they run into Latraviata and Fastandfurious, who accept larboard the apple with Asterix and Obelix (who had not yet accomplished what was traveling on) in pursuit, and the bold is exposed. Fastandfurious is “menhired”, Pompeius’s weapons are alternate to the two accompany (with some “slight” accident from menhir pressure), and Asterix and Obelix chase to Condatum to chargeless their fathers and to accord Pompeius a run for his money. At the end of the chance Latraviata is the aboriginal extra anytime to accept an accolade for Outstanding Performance, which is believed to how the Logies Award/Academy Accolade was born

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