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Avatar Coloring Pages ( The Last Airbender )

Avatar Coloring Pages

One hundred years afore the alpha of the series, the 12 year old Airbender Aang abstruse he was the new Avatar. Faced with the abundant responsibilities of endlessly an approaching apple war, Aang fled from home on his aerial bison Appa. Encountering a angry storm, they comatose into the ocean, triggering Aang’s Avatar State, which froze them in a accompaniment of abeyant action central of an iceberg.

They are awoken 100 years after by two ancestors of Southern Water Tribe, Katara and Sokka.[24] Aang learns that the Fire Nation had absolutely ravaged the apple with a aeon of war. Worse, the Fire Nation’s aperture move in its advance for all-around acquisition was to barrage a genocidal advance on the Air Nomads which collection Aang’s absolute chase to extinction, appropriately authoritative him “the endure Airbender” larboard alive. He realizes that he have to accomplish his afterlife of acceptable the Avatar and acknowledgment antithesis to the apple by acquisition the Fire Nation. Forth with Katara and Sokka, Aang sets out to adept the four elements of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire (in that order); as he is already an Airbender, he active to the North Pole to acquisition a Waterbending master.

Aang anon discovers that Sozin’s Comet, which Firelord Sozin acclimated to atom off the war, will acknowledgment in the summer, giving the Fire Nation abundant ability to win the war for good. Aang have to accordingly adept all the elements and as the Avatar, end the war afore then. For a lot of of their adventure to the North Pole, the accumulation is pursued by Zuko (along with his uncle Iroh) – abandoned Fire Nation prince and son of Fire Lord Ozai, bedeviled with capturing Aang to restore his absent honor.

Aang attack to the Earth Kingdom to adept Earthbending. The aggregation meets Toph, a dark babe who is about an Earthbending prodigy and becomes Aang’s additional teacher. The heroes go on to ascertain advice about a solar eclipse, which would leave the Fire Nation blank and accessible to invasion; they attempt to ability the Earth Baron with this basic information. Opposing them are enemies old and new: the conflicted Zuko, his sister Azula and her two accompany Mai and Ty Lee. Azula engineers a accomplishment from aural that topples the Earth Kingdom and destroys any achievement of a all-embracing aggression of the Fire Nation.

On the day of the eclipse, Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph and a small, bent accumulation of affiliated warriors go advanced and barrage a abate invasion, which although adventurous ultimately fails acknowledgment to Azula’s cunning. Zuko assuredly learns the accurate ancillary of himself and confronts his father. He after manages to accretion the assurance of the protagonists and becomes Aang’s Firebending teacher.

Sozin’s Comet arrives and Fire Lord Ozai is on the border of absolute achievement in the war. Ozai declares himself baron of the absolute apple and leads a massive agile of Fire Nation airships on a genocidal advance to artlessly annihilate off anybody in the blow of the world, while abrogation Azula abaft to aphorism the Fire Nation beneath him. Now, accepting assuredly baffled all four elements, Aang and his accompany face Fire Lord Ozai and his army. While his accompany defeat the Fire Nation airships and deliver the Earth Kingdom, Aang confronts Ozai in a massive action application all four elements. Meanwhile, Zuko allotment to the Fire Nation and defeats Azula in a bound for the throne. Aang defeats Ozai but stays accurate to his attempt and does not annihilate him, by application a fifth angle technique, “Spirit-bending”, to band Ozai of his Firebending powers. Ozai and Azula are imprisoned. Zuko is crowned the new Fire Lord, and with Aang at his side, orders an end to the war. Aang has adequate accord to the world.

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