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The appearance is an activated musical-adventure alternation aimed at accouchement amid the ages of 2 and 5[4]. In anniversary episode, the show’s 5 preschool friends—Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha, and Austin—rely on their active imaginations to transform their backyard into absolutely altered worlds, in which they go through abounding sorts of belief and adventures. The time-frame of the appearance can ambit from a few hours to added than one abounding day, but in reality, the chance consistently ends just in time for one of them to allure the others for a snack. The episodes focus on the belief as abundant as they do on music and dancing, with anniversary one featuring a altered music brand (such as big band, reggae, Spaghetti Western, polka, Motown, and disco) and four new songs, usually with at atomic one barter of a acclaimed or acceptable song.

Pablo, a aerated dejected penguin, acclaimed for his dejected bow tie and his dejected and chicken ballista hat, is the one who a lot of generally has the ideas. Due to his activity and impetuousness, he takes the advance in abounding situations, but generally goes into a “panic attack” if he faces an obstacle, active about in circles and blabbering nonsense– “Oh boy! Oh boy! Don’t lose your heads! We’ll acquisition a way out! Oh, boy! Oh no! Oh man! Oh man!”–until anyone interrupts him to adduce a band-aid with “Pablo… Pablo?… PABLO!”, at which point he stops, turns to the appearance and calmly asks “Yeah?”

Occasionally, there are episodes in which Pablo does not accept a agitation attack, or area addition appearance has one. In “Pirate Treasure,” Pablo has two agitation attacks – already afore arch a approach timberline arch and the added if the abundance is active again, and lost. The amount of agitation attacks decreased appreciably afterwards the aboriginal season.

One agitation advance Pablo has in “Surf’s Up” isn’t a abounding agitation attack. Instead, he gets overexcited afterwards he assuredly finds Tiki Beach.

Pablo may be carefully referenced in an chance of addition Nickelodeon appearance The Wonder Pets, in which Ming-Ming runs into a cuckoo-cuckoo clock, from which a dejected bird ancestor out and she asks it “Do you accept a accessory alleged Pablo?”.

A acquiescent (and sometimes fearful) red-haired orange moose, he is Pablo’s best friend, and about his complete adverse in agreement of personality. He is laid-back, cool-headed, and accepted for his acrid comments– for example, “That a lot of absolutely is!” and “That absolutely is convenient!” aloft the accession of some array of deus ex machina. At the end of every episode, he remarks, “That was an accomplished (type) adventure, don’t you think?” (This was carefully self-parodied at the end of “Tale of the Mighty Knights”, if Tyrone said it was an ‘egg-cellent’ chivalry adventure). Despite not actualization to abrasion trousers (except on attenuate occasions, such as “Race About the World”), Tyrone somehow manages to put his easily in his pockets.

A curious, assured and aggressive blush animal with polka dots and overalls, she is about consistently candied and friendly, admitting her able opinions and casual antipathy get in the way of her relationships. She is added tomboyish than Tasha, and generally imagines herself in roles acute accuracy and backbone (scientist, charlatan captain, etc). Added than once, if she has got the abstruseness apparent she will interject with a “You guys!”.

Uniqua is a different animal that is clashing any added in the world, and Uniqua is aswell the name of her species. [6] Creator Janice Burgess describes Uniqua as the adolescent she wishes she was like as a child. [7] She has been alleged artlessly “Uniqua, the pink” in Knights Are Brave and Strong.

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