ballet coloring pages 2

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    ballet coloring pages

    Ballet is a type of dance. It is usually done by people who have special training doing it. The first reference to ballet is found in a work of Domenico da Piacenza, who lived in the early 14th century.

    Ballet is most often performed to music. It is also often used to tell stories with the help of dance and mime. Ballet is a major part of theatre, such as the show

    There are five positions in classical ballet. These positions are where the dancer’s feet should be placed to start and finish a movement. These positions were designed by the dance master Pierre Beauchamp during the late 17th century (1600′s).

    1. In first position, the heels are together and the feet are apart. The feet should make as straight a line as possible.

    2. Second position is like first, but with the heels hip-width apart.

    3. In third position, one foot is placed at a right angle to the other foot. The heel of one foot is placed touching the arch of the other.

    4. Fourth position is similar to the fifth but with the feet apart.

    5. In fifth position, the feet are nearly parallel to each other and point in opposite directions. The feet are as close together as possible and touch toe to heel.

    Ballet techniques are named after the place they come from, for example Russian ballet, French ballet, Danish ballet, Italian ballet, and American ballet.

    Specific methods are named after the ballet master or mistress who started them, such as the Vaganova method after Agrippina Vaganova, the Balanchine method after George Balanchine, and the Cecchetti method after Enrico Cecchetti.

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