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Barbie Mariposa Coloring Pages

Barbie Mariposa Coloring Pages

Elina, charlatan of the Fairytopia films tells her acquaintance Bibble the adventure of Flutterfield, a absent commonwealth busy by fairies with butterfly wings. Henna, the angry butterfly bogie has berserk the queen of Flutterfield in an attack to yield over the kingdom. Due to this, the lights attention Flutterfield are in crisis of traveling out. These lights assure Flutterfield from the “Skeezites”, monsters who eat butterfly fairies, and are affiliated to the activity of Flutterfield’s queen. It’s up to Mariposa, Zinzie, Rayna and Rayla to acquisition an antitoxin to save the queen.

Mariposa, a butterfly fairy, is initially alien in this cine as a acquaintance of Elina’s. Her name translates to ‘Butterfly’ in Spanish, and she is the basal charlatan of the story. Unlike a lot of of the added butterfly fairies, whose hair ambit from amethyst to dejected in colour, Mariposa shares her accustomed albino with a bit added of a brownish colour to it, like the Fairytopia charlatan Elina. Throughout the cine she sports pink.

Mariposa is apparent the agent of a appearance actual altered from a lot of of the added butterfly fairies of Flutterfield. While the blow of the acreage is blessed to overlook the apple alfresco the endure ablaze of Flutterfield, Mariposa loves to brainstorm the advanced apple she has not seen. She aswell loves to read, and abundant of her acuteness feeds on books. We appear to apperceive of her adulation for stars, and she is able-bodied acquainted of the constellations and the abstracts they anatomy in the sky. The Archer, one of these constellations, is abutting to her affection and capital to the movie.

She is a gentle, admiring and caring person, but feels that she does not accord in Flutterfield, and is a misfit of sorts. For this reason, she does not appear parties and assurance that a lot of added butterfly fairies are added than blessed to be present at. She does not accept she is able of abundant things, and puts little assurance in her bender of abilities and talents.

Throughout the adventure to acquisition the antitoxin appropriate to save the Queen, Mariposa displays affection and knowledge. She is the one who interferes and puts an end to Rayna and Rayla’s antecedent quarrels over petty matters. When the three are faced by Skezites, she comes up with the ablaze plan of accustomed flowers over their heads, so that the Skezites that appears to smell these instead of the three butterfly fairies. She is aswell the one called by her accompany to ‘go on’ in the Cave of Reflection.

Mariposa confronts her own self-doubts and fears in the Cave, authoritative the appropriate best by dupe her own abilities, and appropriately adorable the bogie of the Cave who beautifies her wings by accretion them, concealment them, and giving them a lovely, sparkling glow. At the end, we see her acquisition acceptance in herself, and accept that, admitting her adulation of account and the apple outside, she does accord in Flutterfield.

Mariposa has a actual appropriate accord with Prince Carlos – the Queen’s son and beneficiary to the head – during the movie. They allotment a amount of interests and, in their aboriginal meeting, acquisition that they accept been account and adequate the aforementioned book.

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