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Barbie Thumbelina coloring pages


Barbie Thumbelina coloring pages

We thought Barbie’s Thumbelina was going to be based on the fairy tale story, but I was wrong.  It was a little confusing at first, but I caught on fast.  Barbie introduces her “class” to the Tumblebees, little fairy like creatures with the magical gift of helping plants grow.  Thumbelina and her friends are kidnapped by a family who are tearing up her field in order to build a factory. The field is “planted” in the little girl’s bedroom so she can have something different from her friends.   There are several “morals” to the story including caring for the environment, the true meaning of friendship and even a lesson or two for parents.

Since my daughter cried when I returned the movie and again this weekend when she didn’t win it at a Simon Mall event, I will definitely have to make this a purchase.  After all, if she watched Barbie’s Thumbelina every day for a week and then still wanted it it must be a keeper.

There once was a woman who wanted so very much to have a tiny little child, but she did not know where to find one. So she went to an old witch, and she said:

“I have set my heart upon having a tiny little child. Please could you tell me where I can find one?”

“Why, that’s easily done,” said the witch. “Here’s a grain of barley for you, but it isn’t at all the sort of barley that farmers grow in their fields or that the chickens get to eat. Put it in a flower pot and you’ll see what you shall see.”

“Oh thank you!” the woman said. She gave the witch twelve pennies, and planted the barley seed as soon as she got home. It quickly grew into a fine large flower, which looked very much like a tulip. But the petals were folded tight, as though it were still a bud.

“This is such a pretty flower,” said the woman. She kissed its lovely red and yellow petals, and just as she kissed it the flower gave a loud pop! and flew open. It was a tulip, right enough, but on the green cushion in the middle of it sat a tiny girl. She was dainty and fair to see, but she was no taller than your thumb. So she was called Thumbelina.

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