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Betty Spaghetty Coloring Pages

Betty Spaghetty Coloring Pages

Betty Spaghetty is a bendable elastic baby from the Ohio Art Company. Betty is portrayed as a alert jailbait or preteen. The doll’s appearance cover adaptable hair acclimated to let accouchement accomplish assorted hairdos and capricious hands, feet, shoes, etc.


* Betty

* Ally, Betty’s sister

* Hannah, Betty’s friend

* Emily, Hannah’s little sister

* Katy, Betty’s little baby sister

* Zoe Gavan, Betty’s Emo/Punk friend

* Flick, Zoe’s girlfriend

* Mandy, Betty’s cousin from Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

* Olivia, Betty’s friend from New York City, New York

* Lucy, Betty’s friend from London, United Kingdom

* Nikki, Betty’s friend from Paris, France

* Tess, Betty’s friend from Australia

* Solar Eclipse, Betty’s alien friend

* Kristyn, Betty’s friend and football (soccer) teammate

[edit] Boys

* Eddie, Betty’s brother

* Adam, Zoe’s cousin

* Josh, Adam’s little brother

[edit] Pets

* Jake, Betty’s pet dog

* Jill, Betty’s second pet dog

* Dakota, Betty’s pet horse

* Chloe, Zoe’s pet cat

* CoCo, Nikki’s pet dog

* Mel, Tess’s pet koala

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