Blues Clues Coloring Pages

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    Blues Clues Coloring Pages

    In the summer of 1994, Kessler, Santomero, and Johnson met at the Nickelodeon studios to advance Blue’s Clues. At first, the actualization Blue was a cat and the name of the actualization was “Blue’s Prints.” Blue became a dog alone because Nickelodeon was already bearing a actualization about a cat. Kessler handled the assembly aspect of the show, Santomero research, and Johnson the action and design. The creators accepted that the show’s attending and beheld architecture would be basic to the adapter accouchement would accept to the show. Johnson activated simple cut-out shapes of accustomed altar with a advanced array of colors and textures to resemble a storybook.


    She assassin artisan Dave Palmer to advance what was at that time a new technology—creating the action from simple abstracts like fabric, cardboard or pipe-cleaners and again scanning them into a computer so that they could be activated afterwards again re-drawing them like in acceptable animation. The aftereffect was something that looked altered from annihilation abroad on television at the time, and they were able to breathing their shows in beneath time compared to acceptable methods, eight weeks for two episodes as against to sixteen weeks for one. It took an boilerplate of two years for the development process, from scripting to music, of an adventure to be completed.[6]

    Another avant-garde aspect of the assembly action of Blue’s Clues was the producers’ use of research. By 2001, the analysis aggregation consisted of Alice Wilder, Alison Sherman, Karen Leavitt, and Koshi Dhingra; Wilder was arch of the show’s analysis administration and a affiliate of the aggregation that developed it afterwards the premiere aired.[6] The analysis aggregation acreage activated every adventure three times afore putting it on air, as compared to Sesame Street, which activated a third of its episodes once, afterwards they were completed. In their tests at preschools afore the premiere, the actualization was “immediately successful.”

    Another key to the success of Blue’s Clues was casting. According to Traci Paige Johnson, she was casting as Blue’s articulation because out of the show’s crew, she articulate the a lot of like a dog. Nick Balaban, who, forth with Michael Rubin, wrote the music for the show, was casting as the articulation of Mr. Salt. (Balabin appear that Mr. Salt was not originally French; he batten with a Brooklyn accent.)[1]

    The a lot of important casting was that of the host, the alone animal actualization in the show. Afterwards over 100 auditions and months of research, the producers assassin actor/performer Steven Burns, who remained on Blue’s Clues for seven years and was in over one hundred episodes, until he larboard to accompany a agreeable career in 2002.[1] As Johnson said, “What fabricated Burns a abundant children’s host was that ‘he didn’t wish to be a children’s host … He admired kids, but he didn’t wish to accomplish a career out of it.’” Burns himself stated, tongue-in-cheek, “I knew I wasn’t gonna be accomplishing children’s television all my life, mostly because I banned to lose my hair on a kid’s TV show, and it was happenin’—fast.”

    Burns’ abandonment acquired a resurface of the rumors that had broadcast about him back 1998. As Burns said, “The rumor comminute surrounding me has consistently been absolutely strange.” These “specious claims” included dying from a heroin overdose, getting run over by a car, and getting replaced, like Paul McCartney of The Beatles, by a look-alike. Some admirers claimed that “clues” apropos Burns’ annihilation were placed aural the show. Burns fabricated an actualization on The Rosie O’Donnell Actualization to altercation these rumors, and he and co-creator Angela Santomero appeared on Today to advice parents allay the fears of accouchement who ability accept heard the rumors.

    Burns was replaced by Donovan Patton, who was subjected to the aforementioned affectionate of analysis to acquire the job.”We saw Steve Burns’ retirement from the actualization as a adventitious to put Blue’s Clues on a new course,” Johnson said.

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