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Bob the Builder Coloring Pages

Bob the Builder Coloring Pages

Bob the Builder is a children’s television appearance created by Keith Chapman. Bob appears as a architecture architect specializing in masonry in a stop motion activated programme with his aide Wendy, assorted neighbours and friends, and their assemblage of anthropomorphised work-vehicles and accessories (all fabricated of clay). The appearance is advertisement in abounding countries, but originates from the United Kingdom area Bob is accurate by amateur Neil Morrissey.

In anniversary episode, Bob and his assemblage advice with renovations, construction, and aliment and with added projects as needed. The appearance emphasizes battle resolution, co-operation, socialization and assorted acquirements skills. Bob’s adage is “Can we fix it?”, to which the added characters acknowledge with “Yes we can!” This byword is aswell the appellation of the show’s affair song, which was a million-selling amount one hit in the UK. In the US the appearance started airing on Nick Jr. again the appearance confused to Noggin until 2005 if PBS Kids bought the rights to air the series, currently it affectedness on Fridays and Sundays and affectedness circadian on PBS Kids Sprout. In Netherlands, it is currently aired on Jetix.

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