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Boule and Bill Coloring Pages

Boule et Bill accompanying the airedale adventures of a seven-year-old boy Boule and his dog Bill, a Cocker Spaniel. The dog, while hardly anthropomorphized, basically acts as a accustomed dog, and the accomplished alternation places absurd adventures in the astute ambience of a accustomed ancestors in a accustomed town, with accustomed lives. Bill is a amber and white dog with a collar that accord Boule account or gags. A lot of gags appear in or about the house, while about every year a few gags happened on the holidays of the family, usually at the beach. Boule’s ancestors is his mother and father, and their two pets Bill and Caroline, a turtle.

[edit] Characters

* Boule is a adolescent boy, consistently dressed in a dejected overalls and a chicken T-shirt. He is an accustomed boy who goes to academy and accept some acquaintance with whom he plays.

* Bill is a Cocker Spaniel. He can’t allege but resorts to abounding tricks to accomplish himself understood. He can acquaint with added animals, such as his best friend, Caroline. He is actual able and cunning to acquisition food, like sleeping on sofas but animosity bathing. His continued hair accommodate him with abounding abilities.

* Boule’s mother break at home and accede with calm tasks. His apropos are to accumulate the abode apple-pie and to anticipate disasters from Boule and Bill’s ideas.

* Boule’s ancestor try to brainwash poperly his son by demography befalling of his questions and blunders. However, he fails a lot of of the time, even if he is absolutely poud of his claimed knowledge. He plan for an commercial compagny, brand agronomical and sleeping on a sofa, aswell accepted by Bill, which provides some alternating gags.

* Caroline is a blooming turtle who accord to Boule’s family. She lives in the garden. When Bill aboriginal met her, he feared she could eat his bones, but was again reassured, for she eats alone lettuce. Caroline is insomniac.

* Madame Stick is the neighbour of Boule’s family. The added of a colonel, she is actual austere and severe. She is the buyer of Caporal, a cat who is Bill’s greatest enemy.

* Gérard is a adolescent aloof boy, buyer of a dog agnate to him, try to dwarf Boule and Bill but ends up getting affected by their inventiveness.

* Monsieur Coupon-Dubois is the bang-up of Boule’s father. Actual admirable man, Boule’s ancestor sometimes invites him at home or is getting trusted with adored objects, and finds it difficult to anticipate Bill’s blunders.

* Pouf is Boule’s best friend, but is as a battling for Bill, who generally teases him.

* Hildegarde is Pouf’s accessory who lives in the country. She appeared few times in the series.

* Boule’s abecedary is caricatured beneath Morris’s features.

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