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Brother Bear Coloring Pages

Long ago in a post-ice age North America, there are three brothers called Kenai, Denahi, and Sitka. Denahi, the average brother, and Sitka, the oldest. Kenai, the youngest, hates bears because they action for the aforementioned food, beat the land, and ruin his coming-of-age ceremony. Each brother was accustomed his own totem if they came of age: Sitka, the hawkeye of advice and Denahi, the wolf of wisdom.

At the ceremony, Kenai is presented with the buck of love. Kenai questions the totem he has been accustomed with his brother: “Bears don’t love, they’re hunters, they’re monsters…they’re thieves!” (upon seeing a baseborn bassinet of fish).

When Sitka is dead in a action with the buck that blanket the basket, Tanana, the affiliated shaman, officiates a burial rite for Sitka. Suddenly Kenai ignores the apple article of alliance with animals and sets out to coursing the buck for animus and eventually kills it. To abuse Kenai, the Abundant Spirits, represented by the spirit of Sitka, transform him into a bear. Unfortunately his added brother, who was advancing Kenai to stop him, doesn’t apprehend what has happened. He finds Kenai’s broken clothes and believes the buck took his brother’s life. In grief, he vows revenge.

Disoriented and almost artifice Denahi’s acrimony by falling into the river, Kenai awakens on the bank and in the attendance of Tanana, who eases him through his antecedent shock at his change. Although she cannot acquire his buck speech, she advises Kenai to acquisition area the lights blow the abundance so that he can ask Sitka’s spirit to change him back, and afresh she disappears after giving him directions. To Kenai’s surprise, he finds he can allocution with the added animals – but the abandoned animals who are accommodating to allocution to him are two brainless affinity moose, Rutt and Tuke, who are added absorbed in arise jokes at Kenai’s claims to be a man than allowance him. Along the way, Kenai meets a talkative, annoying buck cub called Koda, who claims to apperceive the way to the apricot run area the bears accumulate to angle and area the lights assume to hug the mountain.

What follows is a adventure in which Kenai, if not abstention Denahi who is now hunting him, grows rather addicted of the irrepressible Koda who he learns shares his airy beliefs. This in about-face puts his abhorrence of bears in a abrupt angle that armament him to reconsider, abnormally if he learns that Koda sees bodies as the aforementioned array of alarming monsters as he himself already believed bears to be. This culminates if they assuredly ability the apricot run and Kenai has the awkward acquaintance of getting amidst by bears. Yet, the bears bound acquire him and he in about-face learns about the admiring association of these animals that makes his abhorrence assume so absurd even as he learns to adore himself.

Kenai’s comfort is about to be burst if Koda tells the adventure of his break from his mother

This comfort is burst if Koda tells the adventure of his break from his mother. Kenai is afraid as he puts the pieces calm and realizes the adventure is about the action he and his brothers had with the bear. Kenai realizes to his abhorrence that the buck he dead was Koda’s mother. Distraught at the abuse he has done to a cub he has developed to love, Kenai flees the gathering. The next morning Koda follows and asks what’s wrong. With abundant abashment and remorse, but aswell with abundant moral courage, Kenai confesses. At this alarming revelation, Koda is larboard affliction stricken and runs abroad in accident and betrayal while blank Kenai’s affliction and amuse for forgiveness.

With annihilation larboard to accumulate him with the bears, Kenai scales the abundance to acquaintance the spirit of Sitka. Koda mourns alone, but afresh has a adventitious appointment with the argument Tuke and Rutt who accommodate because of their brotherhood, which makes Koda apprehend the accent of his accord with Kenai. Meanwhile, Denahi assuredly advance down Kenai; in the after fight, Koda, accepting forgiven Kenai, rushes in to advice at a analytical moment in the fight. Kenai struggles to assure Koda and is accommodating to cede himself to save the cub, abundant as Koda’s mother had done. With this affectionate act, Kenai shows that he has greatly afflicted for the bigger and Sitka, who had been watching aggregate in the anatomy of an eagle, changes Kenai aback into a human.

Yet, while Kenai has regained his humanity, he can no best allocution with Koda, a cub who is now orphaned yet again. Rather than carelessness Koda, Kenai tells Sitka that Koda needs him. Denahi calls Kenai “little brother” instead of “baby brother” and Sitka transforms Kenai (by his choice) aback into a bear. He and his brother hug calm and say goodbye, while Koda and his mother’s spirit do the same.The blur ends with Kenai as a bear, accompanied by Koda, getting accustomed aback by his association and acute his pawprint to the bluff wall, which bears the handprints of endless ancestors of added association associates who aswell accomplished the calling of their totem animals.

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