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Bunny coloring pages

Bunny is a young rabbit. Singular: bunny Plural: bunnies

Bunny coloring pages or rabit coloring pages become popular during Easter time. Preschool coloring activities are prepared for children and they start coloring, drawing and making posters. Bunny pictures are so easy to color. Cartoon buny characters are also so cute. Beside rabbit, you may have egg coloring pages. Easter egg and bunny can not be thought seperately. If you need baby bunny, you can search our site and you will find disney babies.

Rabbits are mammals of the order Lagomorpha. They are found in many parts of the world.[1] They live in families and eat vegetables.

A male rabbit is called a buck, and a female is called a doe. A baby rabbit is called a kit, which is short for kitten. Sometimes, children call a rabbit a bunny.

Some people have rabbits as pets, especially the cottontail rabbit. In some parts of the world, people eat them. Some of these areas include Scotland, Ireland, England and Australia, where they are often considered to be pests.

Most rabbits love carrots, but most of a pet rabbit’s food should be rabbit pellets from a pet store.

When a female rabbit is pregnant, it will take about 31 days for the young to be born. The mother will pull fur a couple of days before they are born, to make a bed for the babies. Different breeds of rabbits have between 1 and 15 bunnies at a time. The babies can be handled carefully after they are born.

There are rabbit breeders all around the world who breed rabbits to show them in rabbit shows. At most local fairs with animal shows, there are also rabbit shows.

A rabbit given hay or straw as bedding will also eat it. White shavings should be used on wooden floors. Wire floors are also used, and they do not hurt the rabbit. These floors are self-cleaning; the feces falls through to the ground under the cage, where it can there be shoveled up once a week. The wire has to be cleaned once a month, to make sure all harmful bacteria are gone. Some rabbits can be trained to use a litter tray, just like a cat, and can live happily inside with the family, but should be kept separated from other animals, such as hunting dogs or poodles, that are very likely to attack the rabbit.

Rabbits should be protected from the weather. They do not like wind. They can live in the cold, but they would rather be kept inside a warm house or near a heater in a barn. In very hot weather, rabbits like to have a frozen water bottle in their cage so they can lie beside it and cool off. Two bucks (males) cannot be housed together, because they will fight each other. Two does (females) can be housed together, since they will not usually fight. A buck cannot be housed with newborn bunnies, or he will eat them.

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