coloring birthday cards



coloring birthday cards

A birthday is the day when a person was born. In many places, on a person’s birthday, he or she celebrates with friends and family at a party, where they eat cake or other foods, and get gifts.

Not everyone celebrates birthdays, including Jehovah’s Witnesses.

In many English-speaking countries, people sing the song “Happy Birthday to You” to the person celebrating his birthday. There are similar songs in other languages.

A birthday cake is usually decorated and covered with candles. Most of the time, the number of candles is the same as the age of the birthday person.

Coming of age

A birthday can give a person new responsibilities and rights.

* In the United States of America, a person can buy tobacco and pornography, vote, and become a legal adult at age 18.

* In Judaism, boys have a bar mitzvah around the time they become 13. Girls sometimes have a bat mitzvah around their 12th or 13th birthday.

* In Latin America, a quinceañera party marks a girl’s 15th birthday.

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