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Holly Hobbie Coloring Pages

In the aboriginal 1970s, Hobbie awash characteristic artwork of a cat-loving, rag dress-wearing little babe in a behemothic beanie to American Greetings. This alternation of illustrations became badly accepted and her originally nameless appearance became accepted as ‘Holly Hobbie.’

In 1974, Knickerbocker Toys accountant the Holly Hobbie appearance for a band of rag dolls, which were a accepted toy for adolescent American girls for several years. Holly Hobbie articles are now already afresh getting marketed by American Greetings in affiliation with Carlton Cards. See the official website for added information.

In 1980, Holly was featured in a atypical by Richard Dubelman advantaged The Adventures of Holly Hobbie. In this book, Holly Hobbie is a apparition who lives in a painting that was corrective in 1803. She comes out of the painting to advice a descendant, Liz Dutton, acquisition her missing father, an archaeologist who has vanished in Guatemala.

In 2006, a redesigned Holly Hobbie was launched as allotment of a aftereffect artefact band alleged “Holly Hobbie and Friends”. She was featured in a cine blue-blooded Holly Hobbie and Friends: Surprise Party. The cine aired on Nick Jr. and is accessible on DVD.[1] The acceptable band still exists, with the backstory getting that the “original” Holly is the Great Grandmother of the “new” Holly.

Mattel appear a cast new Holly Hobbie baby band during 2006, which includes Holly (blue eyes & albino hair), Amy (green eyes & red hair), and Carrie (brown eyes & atramentous hair). The dolls affection an all new face sculpt, a new physique style, and collapsed feet. There is aswell a alternation of abate Holly, Amy, and Carrie figures; anniversary of these abstracts arrives with a acreage beastly (Holly has a dog called Doodles, Amy has a pig called Chedder, and Carrie has a cat called Bonnett). Separate baby apparel are getting sold; anniversary accouterments can be customized by the adolescent or the collector. This new baby band is beautiful and craft-themed. Holly Hobbie (the cartoon) aswell has three accepted songs, two articulate in her own voice, “Just Like You” and “The Things That Make You Special”, LeAnn Rimes articulate “Twinkle in Her Eye”, the affair song.

Holly Hobbie Coloring Pages

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