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Cattle (Cow) Coloring Pages

Cattle (Cow) Coloring Pages

Cattle, colloquially referred to as cows, are calm ungulates, a affiliate of the subfamily Bovinae of the ancestors Bovidae. They are aloft as livestock for meat (called beef and veal), dairy articles (milk), accoutrement and as abstract animals (pulling carts, plows and the like). In some countries, such as India, they are accustomed in religious ceremonies and revered. It is estimated that there are 1.3 billion beasts in the apple today.

In general, the aforementioned words are acclimated in altered locations of the apple but with accent differences in the definitions. The analogue declared actuality contrasts the differences in analogue amid the United States and added British afflicted locations of apple such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.[6]

An complete (i.e., not castrated) developed macho is alleged a bull. An developed changeable who has had one or two beasts (depending on bounded usage) is alleged a cow. Adolescent beasts are alleged beasts until they are weaned, again weaners until they are a year old in some areas, in added areas, decidedly with beef cattle, they may be accepted as feeder-calves or artlessly feeders. Afterwards that, they are referred to as yearlings or stirks[7] if amid one and two years of age, or by gender. A adolescent changeable afore she has had a dogie of her own is alleged a heifer[8][9] (pronounced /ˈhɛfɚ/, “heffer”). A adolescent changeable that has had alone one dogie is occasionally alleged a first-calf heifer. A castrated macho is alleged a beacon in the United States, and beforehand steers are about alleged a bullock in added locations of the world;[10] although in North America this appellation refers to a adolescent bull. A castrated macho (occasionally a changeable or in some areas a bull) kept for abstract purposes or for food[11] is alleged an ox (plural oxen). In Australia the appellation “Japanese ox” is acclimated for atom fed steers in the weight ambit of 500 to 650kg that are destined for the Japanese meat trade.[12] In North America, abstract beasts beneath four years old are alleged alive steers. Improper or backward castration on a balderdash after-effects in it acceptable a base beacon accepted as a stag in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.[13] In some countries an clumsily castrated macho is accepted aswell as a rig. In all beasts species, a changeable who is the accompanying of a balderdash usually becomes an barren fractional intersex, and is a freemartin. Some Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and Scottish farmers use the appellation cattlebeast.[citation needed] Neat (horned oxen, from which neatsfoot oil is derived), beef (young ox) and accession (young beastly fit for slaughtering) are anachronistic terms, although poll or polled beasts is still a appellation in use for by itself hornless animals, or in some areas beasts that accept been disbudded. Beasts aloft for beastly burning are alleged beef cattle. Within the beef beasts industry in locations of the United States, the beforehand appellation beef (plural beeves) is still acclimated to accredit to an beastly of either gender. Beasts of assertive breeds that are kept for the milk they accord are alleged dairy cows.[6] The adjective applying to beasts in accepted is usually bovine. The agreement “bull”, “cow” and “calf” are aswell acclimated by addendum to denote the gender of added ample animals, including whales, hippopotamuses, camels, elk and elephants.

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