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Charlie and Lola Coloring Pages

Charlie and Lola Coloring Pages

Charlie has the distinctive tapered, vaguely heart-shaped head distinctive of much of Childs work, shared by all other characters in the series. Appearing to be around four feet tall, he has blonde hair and black eyes. Charlies most distinctive outfit is his blue-and-white shirt with his jeans turned up, from the bottoms of which protrude his bare feet. When outdoors or with his friend Marv, Charlie wears a variety of long-sleeved shirts, to which he always has matching shoes, but generally keeps the same jeans. He occasionally wears blue check pajamas.

Lola Sonner

Lola is almost the same character design as Charlie, with lighter blonde hair but the same black eyes; she is about two-thirds of his height, and wears various skirts, tights and shoes, but also wears various crazy-looking outfits, such as a sixties-style retro costume and a ballerina outfit, but unlike Charlie, she does not often change her outfit when she goes out. She wears full-length patterned pale-yellow pyjamas to bed.

(NOTE: The Surname Sonner has been verified by Lauren Childs agent Caroline Walsh on 11th December 2006. It is often mistaken to be Summer.)


Cartoons On The Bay 2006

Best Series For Infants

Best Programme

The Rai Sat YOYO Best Series

Bradford Animation Festival 2006

Best TV Series

Annecy Animation Festival 2007

Best TV Series

Broadcast Awards 2007

Best Childrens Programme

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