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chick hicks coloring page. Click on the images.




Chick Hicks (voiced by Michael Keaton) is an abhorrent blooming GM G belvedere (RWD), a lot of acceptable a Buick Regal, that was accepted in the 1980s. He has spent his absolute career advancing in abaft Strip “The King” Weathers, and is absinthian about this fact. His amount is 86 (86 stands for eighty-sixed, a advertence of battlefront someone, it aswell agency 1986, which is his archetypal year and aswell the year Pixar was established). Determined to do whatever it takes to win, he will generally ram added cars in adjustment to could cause a wreck. He hates Lightning McQueen with a vengeance; however, he does tend to archetype him. He uses the appellation Thunder which McQueen created adage “Thunder consistently comes afterwards Lightning”. Chick and McQueen allotment the aforementioned dream of getting the new face of Dinoco. He expects a huge acclaim afterwards McQueen advisedly lets him win the Piston Cup, but is booed off the date instead and denied the befalling to represent Dinoco. In abounding ways, he represents what Lightning McQueen could accept become.

Chick Hicks’s pit crew

Chick Hicks’s pit aggregation consists of a accumulation of forklifts (all cutting apocryphal moustaches agnate to Chick’s) who mainly accord gas and change tires for Chick, with a Dodge Ram auto as the Aggregation Chief called “Chief Chick”, accouterment important appropriate advice on the added racers (i.e., cogent Chick that Lightning had destroyed a annoy in the aboriginal race). They accomplish fun of Guido (“Hey, Tiny, you gonna apple-pie his windshield?”) afore he demonstrates his lightning-fast annoy changing, causing the forklifts to bead their apocryphal moustaches in atheism (the better of them alone accomplishing so if Guido says, “Peet stop”, one of his few English curve in the film), in a address agnate to the acclaimed “jaw drop” in abounding Tex Avery cartoons. Their names are unknown, except one, whose name is Bruiser Bukowski. His bivouac is briefly seen, and his disciplinarian is not apparent at all.

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