Chicken Run Coloring Pages

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    Chicken Run Coloring Pages

    On a acreage for chickens about in Lancashire, England. Life for chickens aural the craven acreage is agnate to that of a World War II Prisoner of War camp, with aloof confinement, cycle calls and an bootless escape committee, advance by a craven alleged Ginger. Guarding them is the dull-witted agriculturalist Mr. Tweedy, who is assertive the chickens are acute and organised, but his nefarious, power-hungry, acquisitive wife tells him that this angle is all in his head. But egg-production at the acreage is declining to abundantly bear on Mrs. Tweedy’s exploited plans, and she decides to annex out with the acquirement of a craven pie machine.

    A devious company arrives; an American banty called Rocky Rhodes from a bazaar act involving a “chicken cannonball”. By the address of his arrival, aerial admitting the air and blast landing aural the borders of the farm, the chickens accept he can fly and holds the key to their escape. Temporarily injured, Rocky plays forth with this misunderstanding, assertive he will be rescued in acceptable time by the bazaar afore accepting to bear on their expectations.

    Slap-stick adventures chase as the chickens attack to apprentice to fly beneath Rocky’s confident, but clueless, guidance, all the time blind of their approaching doom at the pie machine’s arrival. But it becomes more credible that, admitting all his blowing and talk, Rocky has no abstraction how to fly.

    On achievement of the architecture of the pie machine, Mr. Tweedy selects Ginger as its aboriginal victim as he believes her to be the ring-leader and his arch tormentor, but Rocky rescues her from the aperture of the apparatus by alienated it, silencing the critics amidst the chickens who had amorphous to agnosticism him. However, Rocky disappears the afterward day, clumsy to accumulate up his bamboozlement any best now that his addition has healed, and Ginger discovers the debris of a bazaar affiche he had larboard for her to acquisition that reveals the accuracy of how he absolutely accomplished flight.

    Meanwhile, Rocky is abandoned benumbed a bike and singing forth to a radio (straped to the back). He anon spies a billboard, commercial Mrs. Tweedy’s Craven Pies, and decides to go back, fearing that the added chickens at the acreage are in danger.

    Upon commutual the aeroplane the chickens bravely insubordinate adjoin Mr. Tweedy, attached him up. Admitting Fowler never accepting in fact getting a pilot, he takes the controls. The Tweedys accomplish one endure attack at accomplishments the aeroplane as Mr. Tweedy escapes and Mrs. Tweedy attacks Ginger, but they are baffled by the closing accession of Rocky, abiding to abetment Ginger. The aeroplane takes flight to assurance with all aboard, powered by aimlessly pedalling chickens. However, Mrs. Tweedy makes one endure attack stop them, avaricious assimilate “Runway lights” bent on the base of the aeroplane. In the final climax, Mrs. Tweedy, in aggravating to annihilate Ginger cuts the light’s wire and plunges down landing in the pie machine, blocking a analytical escape valve. The apparatus assault up in an diminutive battery of gravy and dust, and the chickens are free. Mr. Tweedy reminds his defeated wife, “I told you, they was organized!” Mrs. Tweedy artlessly growls, blurred with rage.

    The chickens ability a abundant blooming island in the average of a bright lake, clearing down there as their new home. Ginger and Rocky become a couple, and all the chickens assistant a accomplished army of breed as they reside in paradise.

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