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children coloring pages

children coloring pages

children coloring pages or sometimes are called children pages, childrens coloring pages, children’s coloring pages.

child (one child, two or more children) is someone who is not an adult yet, or a person who has not reached puberty. A person younger than 15 years old is usually called a child. A baby that is not yet born is often called a child, too. A person can be called his or her parent’s child, no matter how old he or she is.In most countries, children go to school. Also, smaller children may enjoy going to play-time groups and also playing with small toys and using their imaginations to make their days more fun. But in other countries, children work in factories or in the fields with their parents or guardians.

When two people get married and one (or both) of them have children with someone else before they got married, that child is called a step child by the child’s non- birth parent. If both people had children, the children of each parent are step brothers or step sisters of each other.

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