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Creative arts

CreativeartChildren ask for help when they want to explore something they ask too much questions about anything. When we talk about qualty preschool. The creative arts also are essential in a quality preschool. Children demonstrate free expression and creativity as they explore and manipulate a variety ol art media, and. again, they lake pleasure in the creatrve act itself. As children become more experienced with using different art media, their products and how their art looks become more important to them. The teacher, however, should always target the process Preschoolers love to try new matenals and experiment with how they can use their hands or other tools to make the material look different (see figure 51) They can begin to dabble m the area of art appreciation with gentle guidance and careful language prompts when admiring the woik of others, whether it is the illustrations in a picture book or fmger paintings created by their classmates. Art activities should be open-ended kx the young child. Art is the expression of ones individuality and unique view of the wortd. so genene coloring pages and drawings are not recommended Preschoolers like to experiment with, discover, and use art media in unusual ways, and their cjnos-’ty needs to be supported and encouraged Thrs goal is accomplished by planning activities and providing materials that wiD grve children opportunities for self-expression and exploiation The following tips aie helpful for teachers planning art activities. • Do not show a teacher-made model of a specific art protect A model is not necessary in open-ended art protects. • When children ask for help in creating something, reassure them Out whatever they produce will be acceptable ] Provide a variety of media for children to use both at the art center and in an exploration in which the class is participating. • Ask children if you can keep their wort to display it or if they prefer to take it home. After all. the art belongs to the child, not the teacher or the class • Model procedures for how to use the materials appropriately, such as using one brush lor each color of pamt at the easel or keeping the Play-Doh on the mat at the clay area. Mode) cleanup procedures.

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