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dental coloring page

Dentistry is a kind of doctor’s job. It is about helping people take care of their teeth, and about fixing teeth. A doctor who practices, or does dentistry, is called a dentist.

Dentists will do all kinds of things. Dental hygienists help people keep their teeth clean. Dental surgeons will perform surgery to fix large or dangerous problems with people’s teeth.

There are also doctors called orthodontists, who can move peoples teeth using braces.

Some things people can do to keep teeth healthy:

-Brush teeth after every meal and at bedtime.

-Floss after every meal (but at least once a day at bedtime.) Flossing should be done before brushing!

-Drink water with fluoride or use a fluoride mouth rinse (liquid you put in your mouth after brushing.)

-See a dentist every 6 months for a tooth exam and tooth cleaning

-Eat good foods.

o Sugars like sucrose and glucose are bad for teeth.

o Milk and cheese are good for teeth.

o Unsweetened (no sugar) chewing gum helps clean teeth, but remember to only chew the gum if you cannot brush your teeth and only for a few seconds.

+ Nothing with flavor in-between meals, give your saliva the two to three hours it needs to clean teeth. The saliva can’t do that if there is a continuous food film being put on to the teeth.

+ Drink water, but make sure the water has a neutral pH and no added flavor. This can be checked with a simple pH tester.

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