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Diddl Coloring Pages

Diddl Coloring Pages

Diddl is a white ‘Jumping Mouse’, and has ample pink-soled anxiety acceptance him to jump ample distances. Diddl and his accompany are featured on assorted sorts of articles such as jotter and collectibles, and aswell in a ambit of costly dolls and toys bogus by Depesche.

Diddl has abounding accompany and relatives, including a adherent alleged Diddlina who is aswell a Jumping Mouse. Their accompany cover Mimihops (a fox rabbit); ‘Pimboli’ (a Knautschanien cuddle-teddy); Akaturbo (a fire-tailed mini-raven); Bibombl (a bobbletail setter); Milimits (a tigertail kitten); Tiplitaps (a changing-shell turtle); Wollywell & Vanillivi (angora advantageous sheep); and Galupy (a galoppogos horse). The ‘Frog Brothers’ are the enemies of Diddl and Friends.

The Diddl ambit of characters abide in the fabulous ‘Cheesecakeland’, area the soil, rocks and walls are fabricated of cheese but contrarily seems actual agnate to Earth with deserts, rivers, and even a moon.

When Diddl was aboriginal created in 1990, he was originally fatigued to be a kangaroo until Thomas Goletz absitively to change him into a mouse. A account Dutch advertisement alleged “Diddl’s Kaasblad” is abounding of Diddl’s adventures, affable ideas, and more. Children aggregate Diddl affidavit all about the apple and play amateur with Diddl bold cards. Diddl was acutely accepted in the years 2003-2005.

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