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Dumbo Coloring Pages

On a backing night in Florida, storks fly over the winter division of the circus, one mother of anniversary breed receives a babyish to attending afterwards and accession as their own, all except for an elephant, Mrs. Jumbo, who is devastated by this. The next day, however, the stork who was declared to buck the babyish albatross catches up with the alternation and presents Mrs. Jumbo with her new baby. At first, the babyish is able-bodied accustomed until his over-sized aerial are discovered. He is afresh rudely ridiculed by the added four changeable elephants for his astronomic ears, and one of them calls him “Dumbo”. The name sticks. Mrs. Jumbo slams the aperture in the faces of the added elephants and affectionately cuddles her new baby. The alternation arrives at the bazaar grounds, and throughout the night, anybody builds the bazaar and puts the tents up. The next day proves to be the aboriginal of Dumbo’s saddest days, as during the beforehand parade, Dumbo block on his big ears, acreage in a addled dabble and is laughed at, abundant to his dismay. But that wasn’t the affliction of it, for later, afterwards Mrs. Jumbo washes him in the tents, a accumulation of annoying boys stop by to see the elephants. Unsatisfied with just accurate faces at Dumbo, one boy crosses the braiding and starts arena with Dumbo’s big ears, infuriating Mrs. Jumbo so abundant that she spanks the boy with her block and throws things at the others. Unfortunately, the Ringmaster and the bazaar guards accept Mrs. Jumbo has gone mad, and she is afterwards apprenticed in aloof bonds afterwards they “rescue” Dumbo.

Dumbo is larboard abandoned and consistently ridiculed by the added elephants, until a affable little abrasion alleged Timothy (who has been watching Dumbo arrant abandoned and feels apologetic for him) scares the elephants and befriends Dumbo, bent to accomplish him blessed again. His plan of accepting the Ringmaster (by “talking” to him during his sleep, bold to be his subconscious) to accomplish Dumbo the acme of his next albatross act backfires if Dumbo block on his aerial afresh and in fact causes the bazaar to collapse, abasing all the elephants, abrogation them abominably aching and added accusatory of Dumbo than anytime before.

Dumbo is afterwards fabricated into a clown, and becomes the ablaze allure of the show. Although he is acutely admired and accustomed by the audience, he hates his job and misses his mother greatly, with Timothy as his abandoned friend. To acclamation Dumbo up, Timothy takes him to appointment his confined mother, although all she can do is acclaim bedrock him ancillary to ancillary with her trunk, as she cannot adeptness him due to her chains. Timothy sees all the added babyish animals blessed with their mothers, and reflects on how the boy who abashed Dumbo was not punished. He sheds a breach as the time comes for them to leave, and Dumbo starts arrant again, so abundant that he gets the hiccups.

To cure the hiccups, Timothy takes Dumbo for a booze of baptize from a bucket, not alive that the clowns, during their celebration, accidentally agape a canteen of booze in it. Within seconds, Dumbo and Timothy are both bashed and see hallucinations of blush elephants.

The next morning, Dumbo and Timothy are woken up by a accumulation of crows, and the baton of them, Jim Crow, while bedlam his arch off, reveals to them that they are somehow in their tree. In shock, Dumbo loses his balance, and they abatement to the arena in a puddle. As they airing aback to the circus, Timothy wonders how they concluded up in the tree, and Jim Crow jokingly suggests that they accept to accept aureate up. Timothy takes this actively and gets excited, and the crows alpha blowing Dumbo about his aerial aerial by singing the song “When I See An Albatross Fly”. Enraged, Timothy lashes out at the crows for acrimonious on Dumbo, and tells them Dumbo’s adverse story. The crows are abashed to apprehend this, and even alpha arrant for Dumbo.

Jim Crow, acutely activity guilty, suggests a way to accomplish Dumbo blessed again, cerebration that Dumbo adeptness be able to fly if his aplomb is boosted. Timothy and the crows present Dumbo with a calamus which they affirmation to be magical. The crows afresh actuate Dumbo to accessory his aerial and apprenticed off a cliff. Armed with the “magic feather”, Dumbo is able to fly with ease.

During a decidedly adventuresome bank dive, Dumbo loses the calamus and about plummets to his death, until Timothy reveals that the calamus was a fake, and that Dumbo’s adeptness to fly was his own. At the endure second, Dumbo pulls out of his dive and stuns the absolute bazaar and admirers at the alarming afterimage of an albatross flying. Now assuredly in command of the situation, Dumbo is able to acquiesce in a little animus on his tormentors.

After the performance, Dumbo is a media awareness with Timothy as his manager. The blur ends with the bazaar alternation accepting a affluence clandestine car for Mrs. Jumbo and her child, the ablaze of the circus. The Crows bid adieu afterwards one endure flight with Dumbo as the alternation moves on to the next destination.

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