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    easter-coloring-pageseaster coloring pages

    Easter time is the most important religious feast in the Christian liturgical year.[1] Christians believe that Jesus was resurrected from the dead three days[2] after his crucifixion, and celebrate this resurrection on Easter Day,[3] or Easter Sunday, two days after Good Friday. The year of his death and resurrection is variously estimated between the years 26 and 36 AD (see also Chronology of Jesus).

    Easter also refers to the season of the church year called Eastertide or the Easter Season. Traditionally the Easter Season lasted for the forty days from Easter Day until Ascension Day but now officially lasts for the fifty days until Pentecost. The first week of the Easter Season is known as Easter Week or the Octave of Easter. Easter also marks the end of Lent, a season of prayer and penance.

    Easter is termed a moveable feast because it is not fixed in relation to the civil calendar. Easter falls at some point between late March and late April each year (early April to early May in Eastern Christianity), following the cycle of the moon. After several centuries of disagreement, all churches accepted the computation of the Alexandrian Church (now the Coptic Church) that Easter is the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon, which is the first moon whose 14th day (the ecclesiastic “full moon”) is on or after March 21 (the ecclesiastic “vernal equinox”).

    Easter is linked to the Jewish Passover not only for much of its symbolism but also for its position in the calendar.

    Many cultural elements, such as the Easter Bunny, have become part of the holiday’s modern celebrations, and those aspects are often celebrated by many Christians and non-Christians alike.

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    All-Natural Jelly Beans

    All-Natural Jelly Beans

    Like most candy, regular Easter jelly beans contain a multitude of artificial flavors and colors, which are derived from petrochemicals and coal tar. Until recently there were few options for candy lovers who wanted to avoid artificial ingredients for health or environmental reasons. Thanks to the growth of the natural and organic products industry, consumers can now enjoy healthier, all-natural versions of their favorite candies.

    “When I was growing up in the 70s my mom ran a natural foods store, so I wasn’t allowed to eat any artificial food additives,” says Dawn Van Hee, founder of NaturalCandyStore.com. “Back then there were almost no natural candies on the market, and certainly no natural jelly beans. My Easter basket was a little sparse! Now, several decades later, we’re finally seeing a number of natural candies enter the marketplace. We’ve actually added a new jelly bean item to NaturalCandyStore.com each year since we opened in 2007, and this year we’re pleased to be able to offer our customers three different brands of natural jelly beans.”

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    * Jelly Belly makes a natural version of their famous jelly beans in Summer Fruit Stand and Tropical Fruit Blend flavors.

    * Green Beans All-Natural Jelly Beans, launched this past year, stand out for their bright colors and clean flavors, perfect for mixing into jelly bean “recipes.”

    In addition to natural and organic jelly beans, and many other types of natural and organic candy, a variety of natural Easter candy items will be available at NaturalCandyStore.com starting in March. Look for Easter baskets and paper mache eggs pre-filled with natural, organic, vegan, or gluten-free candy mixes, as well as foil-wrapped bunnies and eggs made from fair-trade, organic chocolate.

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