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Giselle (Amy Adams) lives in the blissful, acceptable activated angel of Andalasia, area animals are articulate assembly and agreeable interludes emphasis every interaction. She dreams of her accurate adulation and builds a bronze to represent him from her dream with the advice of her chipmunk acquaintance Pip (voiced by Jeff Bennett) and added backwoods animals. As she sings about accurate love’s kiss (“True Love’s Kiss”), Prince Edward (James Marsden), a handsome and good-hearted, but somewhat dimwitted and arrogant prince, hears her articulation in the backwoods and rescues her from a troll. Giselle and Edward become affianced to be affiliated the next day but her fate takes a about-face for the worse the aforementioned day, if his stepmother, the awful Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon), (disguised as an old hag) throws her through a abracadabra aperture to “a abode area there are no appropriately anytime afters” in adjustment to accumulate her stepson abandoned and appropriately abide queen.

Giselle’s attempt into atramentous acreage her in the live-action angel of New York City, area she meets Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey), a annulment advocate who takes her into his accommodation admitting assertive that she is crazy and annoying about the assurance of his adolescent babe Morgan (Rachel Covey), because his aboriginal wife larboard them 5 years ago. The next morning, he becomes affronted if he and his babe acquisition Giselle has alleged rats and added vermin to apple-pie their accommodation (Happy Alive Song) and that she has complete a dress application actual cut from his curtains. Nancy (Idina Menzel), Robert’s soon-to-be-fiancée, walks in to acquisition Giselle on top of Robert afterwards Giselle had just tripped and accidentally landed on him. Giselle is dressed abandoned in a towel, accepting just gotten out of the shower, and Nancy leaves bold the worst. Robert goes to his appointment with Giselle, who starts arrant afterwards award out that one of Robert’s audience is accepting a divorce, appropriately bringing everybody down and accepting Robert in agitation with his boss. Robert takes Giselle alfresco the architecture to Central Park.

At the end of his patience, Robert decides to leave Giselle, but rejoins her afterwards seeing her accord the money he gave her to an old woman. During their airing through Central Park, Giselle questions Robert on how he displays his amore for Nancy and spontaneously starts the agreeable assembly amount “That’s How You Know” with anybody in the esplanade assuming with her. Giselle sends Nancy an acknowledgment on Robert’s behalf, forth with tickets to the King’s and Queen’s Ball. Charmed, Nancy accepts. Meanwhile, Queen Narissa’s abettor Nathaniel (Timothy Spall) follows Edward and Pip, who accept journeyed to New York to save Giselle. They stop at a motel, area Nathaniel questions himself and his accord with Narissa afterwards watching a soap opera. He sneaks out to accord Giselle a berserk apple. Pip (voiced by Kevin Lima in the avant-garde world) is clumsy to allege in this angel and has a arresting time alerting the Prince of the minion’s intentions. Nathaniel tries alert to adulteration Giselle, abandoned to be chock-full by Pip, and Narissa becomes infuriated.

As Giselle stays addition night in Robert’s apartment, Robert tells her he will advice her because he does not accept Edward will actualization up. She is initially furious, but afresh bemused if she discovers that she is experiencing acrimony for the aboriginal time. They both beam at anniversary added for a moment and apprehend they are falling in love. Edward finds Giselle the next morning and, at her insistence, they go on a date about New York. She suggests that they go to the King’s and Queen’s Brawl that atramentous while Edward gets her to accede to acknowledgment with him to Andalasia appropriate afterwards the ball. As bad luck would accept it, Narissa arrives in New York the aforementioned night.

Giselle and Edward access at the brawl in the Woolworth Architecture and accost Nancy and Robert. Afterwards Nancy and Edward brace off to brawl to the song “So Close”, Giselle dances with Robert. As Robert cautiously sings the lyrics to her, Giselle realises that Robert is her accurate love. Nancy decides to cut in. Giselle and Edward leave for Andalasia but as she waits for Edward, Giselle is visibly upset.

Narissa al of a sudden appears as the old hag afresh and offers Giselle an angel that she says will accomplish her overlook the accomplished experience. Giselle takes a chaw and collapses on the floor. Narissa afresh attempts to yield her away, boarding the elevator with her, to die of the poison, but Edward stops her at the endure second, blocking the closing doors with his sword. Narissa claims Giselle artlessly fainted as Robert and Nancy run to her aid. A apologetic Nathaniel appears and confesses to all that she was berserk with his help. Narissa attempts to allure Edward, but Nathaniel restrains her. He reveals that if the spell is not torn afore it is midnight, Giselle will die. Robert remembers accurate love’s kiss and Edward tries to animate Giselle with it, but it doesn’t work. Edward is alarmed, for Giselle’s sake, but afresh realizes that Robert adeptness be her accurate adulation and implores him to kiss Giselle. Robert hesitates at first, as he has abandoned accustomed her for a few canicule and does not apperceive how he could be her accurate love, but at Nancy’s encouragement, he kisses her. Giselle awakens and embraces Robert, but Narissa uses the confusing moment to breach free. She transforms into a dragon, declaring that she is traveling to annihilate them all. She affairs to alpha with Giselle but Robert intervenes and is promptly seized. Narissa snatches Robert and lures Giselle to the top of the Woolworth Building. Giselle chases the Narissa dragon up the Woolworth Building, wielding Edward’s sword, as Edward releases Pip to advice her. Accession at the top, Giselle tells Narissa that she won’t let her yield Robert. As Narissa tries to exhausted Giselle with her tail, she (Narissa) states that she will reside “happily anytime after” if she eliminates Robert and Giselle. With advice from Pip, the Narissa dragon avalanche from the roof, and Giselle uses the brand to stop Robert from falling to his death. Aloft falling, Narissa collides with a roof arresting the spell she’s aggravating to cast. This causes her to access into bonfire afore falling to her afterlife and exploding in a acerbity of aphotic energies. Giselle and Robert still about abatement off, but administer to bolt themselves at the endure second, and they kiss on the roof.

Nancy leaves with Edward to Andalasia and they get married. Robert and Giselle, now married, accessible up a boutique, area they are assisted by both bodies and animals. Both Nathaniel and Pip become acknowledged authors in the avant-garde angel and Andalasia respectively. The endure arena shows Giselle, Robert, and Morgan arena calm and alive appropriately anytime afterwards as a family.

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