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eskimo-coloringEskimo coloring pages

The Inuit are one of many groups of First Nations who live in very cold places of northern Canada, Greenland, and Alaska. They are sometimes called Eskimos, a word which likely comes from the Algonquin language and may mean “eater of raw meat”. The Inuit generally prefer not to be called Eskimos but it is a name that was given to them by others, not a name they gave themselves. Inuit means more than one, one person is an “Inuk”. The native Greenlanders are related to the Inuit.

The Inuit used to hunt seals. They also traded fur with the Europeans. They once lived in houses made of snow called igloos. The knowledge of how to construct an igloo was passed down from generation to generation.

The language of the Inuit is Inuktitut, and it is one of the official languages of Nunavut and of the Northwest Territories in Canada.

Eskimos or Esquimaux are indigenous peoples who have traditionally inhabited the circumpolar region from eastern Siberia (Russia), across Alaska (United States) and Canada, and all of Greenland (Denmark).

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