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Family Guy Coloring Pages

Peter Griffin is the show’s main character. He is fat and not very clever. Though he has one job, sometimes he works many other jobs.

Lois Griffin is Peter’s wife. She comes from a family with a lot of money. She tends to complain about a lot of things.

Brian Griffin is Peter’s best friend. He is a talking dog who lives with the Griffins, and is more clever than any of them. He is also seen with Stewie many times.

Stewie Griffin is Peter’s baby son, and the show’s most well-known character. He can talk and is the smartest family member. He hates his mother Lois and wants to take over the world.

Chris Griffin is one of Peter’s sons. He is also fat and not very clever. There is an evil monkey living in his closet who likes to threaten him.

Meg Griffin is Peter’s daughter. She is the oldest child but is often made fun of, mainly by Peter.

Glenn Quagmire is one of Peter’s best friends. He is a bachelor, but his character is very perverted.

Cleveland Brown is another of Peter’s best friends. He runs a deli and was married to Loretta.

Joe Swanson is another of Peter’s best friends. He is in a wheelchair.

Family Guy is a 1999 animated comedy television series created by Seth MacFarlane. It first was shown on FOX. The series did not become popular until shown again on Cartoon Network and TBS, and episodes were sold on DVDs. Fox chose to cancel the series because it was not very popular. After many DVDs were sold, Fox started showing it again.

The series is about the lives of Peter Griffin; his wife, Lois; their three children, 17-year old Meg, 13-year old Chris, and very smart baby Stewie; and also their very smart dog, Brian (who can talk and acts like a human). The Griffins live in a fictional city named “Quahog,” Rhode Island. The show puts humor into common everyday situations and is famous for their special style of comedy that always shows scenes from the past. Most of the scenes do not affect the show’s stories in any way. The show also uses a lot of profanity.

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