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The Absurd Four is formed if during an conflicting amplitude analysis flight in an alpha rocket ship, the four protagonists are bombarded by a storm of catholic rays. Aloft bang landing aback on Earth, the four astronauts acquisition themselves adapted with camp new abilities. The four afresh adjudge to use their admiral for acceptable as superheroes. In a cogent abandonment from above-mentioned superhero conventions, the Absurd Four accomplish no accomplishment to beforehand abstruse identities as they beforehand a top accessible profile, adequate celebrity cachet for accurate and ballsy contributions to society. At the aforementioned time they are about decumbent to arguing and even affronted with one another. Admitting their bickering, the Absurd Four consistently prove themselves to be “a adamant and appalling aggregation in times of crisis.”[1]

While there accept been a amount of calendar changes to the group, the four characters who debuted in Absurd Four #1 abide the amount and a lot of accustomed lineup.

* Mister Absurd (Reed Richards), a accurate genius, can stretch, aberration and re-shape his physique to barbaric proportions. Mr. Absurd serves as the ancestor amount of the group, and is “appropriately pragmatic, authoritative, and dull”.[2] Richards blames himself for the bootless amplitude mission, decidedly because of how the blow adapted pilot Ben Grimm.[3]

* Airy Girl/Invisble Woman (Susan Storm), Reed Richards’ adherent (and closing wife) has the adeptness to bend and dispense ablaze to cede herself and others invisible. She afterwards develops the adeptness to accomplish force fields, which she uses for a array of arresting and abhorrent effects

* The Beastly Torch (Johnny Storm), Sue Storm’s adolescent brother, possesses the adeptness to ascendancy fire, activity afire bolts of blaze from his body, and fly. This actualization was about based on a Beastly Torch actualization appear by Marvel’s antecedent Timely Comics in the 1940s, an android that could bake itself. Lee said that if he conceptualized the character, “I anticipation it was a abashment that we didn’t accept The Beastly Torch anymore, and this was a acceptable adventitious to accompany him back”.[4] Clashing the boyhood sidekicks that preceded him, the Beastly Torch in the aboriginal acceptance was “a archetypal adolescent–brash, rebellious, and affectionately obnoxious”.[5]

* The Affair (Ben Grimm), Reed Richards’ academy acquaintance and best friend, has been adapted into a monstrous, torn humanoid with orange, rock-like derma and super-strength. The Affair is about abounding with anger, self-loathing and self-pity over his new existence. He serves as “an uncle figure, a longterm acquaintance of the ancestors with a abrupt Brooklyn manner, abbreviate temper, and abrasive faculty of humor”.[5] In the aboriginal abridgment Lee gave to Kirby, The Affair was advised as “the heavy”, but over the years the actualization has become “the a lot of adorable accumulation member: honest, absolute and chargeless of pretension”.[6]

The Absurd Four has had several adapted headquarters, a lot of conspicuously the Baxter Architecture in New York City. The Baxter Architecture was replaced by Four Freedoms Plaza, congenital at the aforementioned location, afterwards the Baxter Building’s abolition at the easily of Kristoff Vernard, adopted son (and accounted half-brother of Mr. Fantastic) of the Absurd Four’s seminal villain Doctor Doom. Pier 4, a barn on the New York waterfront, served as a acting address for the accumulation afterwards Four Freedoms Plaza was condemned, due to the accomplishments of addition superhero team, the Thunderbolts

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