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Fifi & the Flowertots Coloring Pages

Fifi & the Flowertots Coloring Pages

Fifi & the Flowertots is a British stop-motion activated children’s television alternation aboriginal advertisement in 2005, which affectedness on Nick Jr and, in Britain, the Five channel. In January 2008, it premiered on the PBS Kids Sprout on-demand/cable television channel.

It appearance a accumulation of flower-based characters and their adventures through the garden. The alternation is activated by Cosgrove Hall Films and produced by Chapman Entertainment. Creator Keith Chapman is aswell the artist of the Bob the Builder series.

Fifi Fifi Forget-me-not is the title character, voiced by actress Jane Horrocks. Fifi practices organic gardening and doesn’t use any chemicals to make her garden grow. She often forgets words, and when this happens she asks the viewers what the forgotten word is. When she remembers, her friends usually respond in one voice “Fifi Forget-me-not, forgot!”.

Bumble Bumble a bee, is Fifi’s best friend. He helps Fifi when she forgets words. Bumble likes to make honey and he also enjoys sleeping. Although he is a bee, he is allergic to pollen, which makes him sneeze, fly backwards, and often crash into something. In the United States and Canada, Bumble is called Fuzzbuzz.

Violet and Primrose Primrose and Violet live in Flowertot Cottage, and they like everything to be neat and tidy. They are best friends and are very close. Violet likes painting, while Primrose is known for her love of neatness and order. Both Violet and Primrose are voiced by Maria Darling.

Pip Pip, a gooseberry, is the youngest character to live in the garden. Pip is voiced by Maria Darling.

Poppy Poppy owns a market stall in the garden, where she sells fruit for all of the garden folk to enjoy. In the United States and Canada, Poppy is called Poppady.

Aunt Tulip and Grubby- Aunt Tulip is a tulip and Grubby is her pet caterpillar. Tulip cares a lot for Grubby and is always worried when he goes missing.

Stingo Stingo, a wasp, is one of the rascals in the neighbourhood. He lives in Apple Tree House, is very lazy, and sometimes steals from the other Flowertots.

Slugsy Slugsy, a slug, is Stingo’s sidekick, he refers to Stingo as “Boss”. Slugsy is very clumsy, which often makes him the target of Stingo’s anger.

Webby Webby is a spider who gives advice to the Flowertots when they need help solving a problem. Webby is voiced by Maria Darling.

Mo Mo is a lawnmower who runs on organic compost. He speaks in a language only Fifi can understand, so she translates his words for the rest of the village. Mo collects all the fruit and vegetables for Fifi.

Diggly Diggly is a grumpy but helpful worm who lives in a compost heap, creating compost for all the Flowertots to use. The Flowertots bring their organic rubbish to Diggly’s heap for him to create the compost.

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