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food pyramid coloring pages

printable coloring of the food pyramid


Asian diet pyramid


food pyramid


diet pyramid


food pyramid


The food guide pyramid was the previous nutritional guide (created at Tufts University School of Medicine) of the USDA, then replaced in April 2005 by the new USDA nutrition advisory program titled “MyPyramid”.[1] The food guide pyramid was surprisingly not created with the involvement of the Department of Health and Human Services, which would be expected for most matters involving human health. This has resulted in criticism stating that the real purpose of the new recommendations is to improve the economic position of US grain producers and not the health of the population.

A weight loss pyramid made on the model by BCM

The food guide pyramid, informally known as the food pyramid, and formally titled the Improved American Food Guide Pyramid, was published in 1992 to replace the earlier food groups classification system. Since that time there has been an epidemic increase in type 2 diabetes which is now even afflicting a large and rapidly increasing number of children. The food guide pyramid suggested optimal nutrition guidelines for each food category, per day, using a mnemonic graphic of a pyramid with horizontal dividing lines, to represent suggested percentages of the daily diet for each food group.

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