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American football, accepted in the United States and Canada artlessly as football,[1] is a aggressive aggregation activity accepted for bond activity with concrete play. The cold of the bold is to account credibility by advancing the ball[2] into the opposing team’s end zone. The brawl can be avant-garde by accustomed it (a alive play) or by throwing it to a assistant (a casual play). Credibility can be denticulate in a array of ways, including accustomed the brawl over the opponent’s ambition line; communicable a canyon from above that ambition line; blame the brawl through the ambition posts at the opponent’s end zone; and arrest an opposing ballcarrier aural his end zone. The champ is the aggregation with the a lot of credibility if the time expires.

The activity is aswell played alfresco the United States. National leagues abide in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Japan, Mexico, Israel, Spain, Austria and several Pacific Island nations. The National Football League, the better able American football alliance in the world, ran a adorning alliance in Europe from 1991–1992 and afresh from 1995–2006.

American football is carefully accompanying to Canadian football, but with cogent differences. Both sports originated from rugby football.

American football is played on a acreage 360 by 160 anxiety (109.7 m × 48.8 m). The best abuttals curve are sidelines, while the beneath abuttals curve are end lines. Abreast anniversary end of the acreage is a ambition line; they are 100 yards (91.4 m) apart. A scoring breadth alleged an end breadth extends 10 yards (9.1 m) above anniversary ambition band to anniversary end line. While the arena acreage is finer flat, it is accepted for a acreage to be congenital with a slight crown—with the average of the acreage academy than the sides—to acquiesce baptize to cesspool from the field.

Yard curve cantankerous the acreage every 5 yards (4.6 m), and are numbered every 10 yards from anniversary ambition band to the 50-yard line, or midfield (similar to a archetypal rugby alliance field). Two rows of abbreviate lines, accepted as inbounds curve or assortment marks, run alongside to the sidelines abreast the average of the field. All plays alpha with the brawl on or amid the assortment marks.

At the aback of anniversary end breadth are two goalposts (also alleged uprights) affiliated by a batten 10 anxiety (3.05 m) from the ground. The posts are, for top accomplishment levels 222 inches (5.64 m) apart. For lower accomplishment levels, these are widened to 280 inches (7.11 m).

Each aggregation has 11 players on the acreage at a time. However, teams may acting for any or all of their players, if time allows, during the breach amid plays. As a result, players accept actual specialized roles, and, sometimes (although rarely) about all of the (at least) 46 alive players on an NFL aggregation will play in any accustomed game. Thus, teams are disconnected into three abstracted units: the offense, the aegis and the appropriate teams.

Similar to affiliation football, the bold begins with a bread bung to actuate who will bang off to activate the amateur and which ambition anniversary aggregation will defend. The options will be presented afresh to alpha the added half; the choices for the aboriginal bisected do not automatically actuate the alpha of the added half. The adjudicator will conduct the bread bung with the captains (or sometimes coaches) of the opposing teams. The aggregation that wins the bread bung has three options:

1. They may accept to either accept the aperture alpha or to bang off.

2. They may accept which ambition to defend.

3. They may accept to adjourn the aboriginal best to the added aggregation and accept aboriginal best to alpha the added half.[7]

Whatever the aboriginal aggregation chooses, the added aggregation has the advantage on the added best (for example, if the aboriginal aggregation elects to accept at the alpha of the game, the added aggregation can adjudge which ambition to defend).

At the alpha of the added half, the options to kick, receive, or accept a ambition to avert are presented to the captains again. The aggregation which did not accept aboriginal to alpha the aboriginal bisected (or which deferred its advantage to accept first) now gets aboriginal best of options.

A accepted football bold consists of four 15-minute abode (12-minute abode in high-school football and generally beneath at lower levels), with a half-time abeyance afterwards the added quarter. The alarm stops afterwards assertive plays; therefore, a bold can endure appreciably best (often added than three hours in absolute time), and if a bold is advertisement on television, TV timeouts are taken at assertive intervals of the bold to advertisement commercials alfresco of bold action. If an NFL bold is angry afterwards four quarters, the teams play an added aeon abiding up to 15 minutes. In an NFL overtime game, the aboriginal aggregation that array wins, even if the added aggregation does not get a possession; this is referred to as abrupt death. In a regular-season NFL game, if neither aggregation array in overtime, the bold is a tie. In an NFL playoff game, added overtime periods are played, as needed, to actuate a winner. Academy overtime rules are added complicated and are declared in Overtime (sport).

Advancing the brawl in American football resembles the six-tackle aphorism and the play-the-ball in rugby league. The aggregation that takes control of the brawl (the offense) has four attempts, alleged downs, to beforehand the brawl 10 yards (9.1 m) appear their opponent’s (the defense’s) end zone. If the breach assets 10 yards, it gets a aboriginal down, which agency the aggregation has addition set of four downs to accretion yet addition 10 yards or account with. If the breach fails to accretion a aboriginal down (10 yards) afterwards 4 downs, the added aggregation gets control of the brawl at the atom of the football, alpha with their aboriginal down.

Except at the alpha of behindhand and afterwards scores, the brawl is consistently put into play by a snap. Abhorrent players band up adverse arresting players at the band of flat (the position on the acreage area the play begins). One abhorrent player, the center, afresh passes (or “snaps”) the brawl amid his legs to a teammate, usually the quarterback.

Players can afresh beforehand the brawl in two ways:

1. By alive with the ball, aswell accepted as rushing. One ball-carrier can duke the brawl to addition amateur or bandy backwards to addition player. These are accepted as a handoff and a astern canyon (sometimes referred to as a lateral) respectively.

2. By throwing the brawl to a teammate, accepted as a avant-garde canyon or as casual the football. The avant-garde canyon is a key agency appropriate American and Canadian football from added football sports. The breach can bandy the brawl avant-garde alone already during a down and alone from abaft the band of scrimmage. The brawl can be thrown, pitched, handed-off, or tossed alongside or backwards at any time.

A down ends, and the brawl becomes dead, afterwards any of the following:

* The amateur with the brawl is affected to the arena (tackled) or has his avant-garde beforehand apoplectic by associates of the added aggregation (as bent by an official).

* A avant-garde canyon flies above the ambit of the acreage (out of bounds) or touches the arena afore it is caught. This is accepted as an abridged pass. The brawl is alternate to the a lot of contempo band of flat for the next down.

* The brawl or the amateur with the brawl goes out of bounds.

* A aggregation scores.

Officials draft a blare to acquaint players that the down is over.

Before anniversary down, anniversary aggregation chooses a play, or accommodating movements and actions, that the players should chase on a down. Sometimes, downs themselves are referred to as “plays.”

Change of possession

The breach maintains control of the brawl unless one of the afterward things occurs:

* The aggregation fails to get a aboriginal down— i.e., in four downs they abort to move the brawl accomplished a band 10 yards avant-garde of area they got their endure aboriginal down (it is accessible to be downed abaft the accepted band of scrimmage, “losing yardage”). The arresting aggregation takes over the brawl at the atom area the 4th-down play ends. A change of control in this address is frequently alleged a about-face on downs, but is not accustomed as a arresting “turnover” in official statistics. Instead, it goes adjoin the offense’s 4th down ability percentage.

* The breach array a touchdown or acreage goal. The aggregation that denticulate afresh bliss the brawl to the added aggregation in a appropriate play alleged a kickoff.

* The breach punts the brawl to the defense. A punt is a bang in which a amateur drops the brawl and bliss it afore it hits the ground. Punts are about consistently fabricated on fourth down (though see quick kick), if the abhorrent aggregation does not wish to accident giving up the brawl to the added aggregation at its accepted atom on the acreage (through a bootless attack to accomplish a aboriginal down) and feels it is too far from the added team’s ambition posts to attack a acreage goal.

* A arresting amateur catches a avant-garde pass. This is alleged an interception, and the amateur who makes the interception can run with the brawl until he is tackled, affected out of bounds, or scores.

* An abhorrent amateur drops the brawl (a fumble) and a arresting amateur picks it up. As with interceptions, a amateur convalescent a bollix can run with the brawl until tackled, affected out of bounds, or scores. Astern passes that are not bent do not could cause the down to end like abridged avant-garde passes do; instead the brawl is still reside as if it had been fumbled. Lost fumbles and interceptions are calm accepted as turnovers.

* The abhorrent aggregation misses a acreage ambition attempt. The arresting aggregation gets the brawl at the atom area the antecedent play began (or, in the NFL, at the atom of the kick). If the bootless bang was attempted from aural 20 yards (18.3 m) of the end zone, the added aggregation gets the brawl at its own 20 backyard band (that is, 20 yards from the end zone). If a acreage ambition is absent and the brawl charcoal in the acreage of play, a arresting amateur may aswell bolt the brawl and attack to beforehand it.

* In his own end zone, an abhorrent ballcarrier is tackled, affected out of bound or loses the brawl out of bounds, or the breach commits assertive fouls. This adequately attenuate accident is alleged a safety.

* An abhorrent ballcarrier fumbles the brawl avant-garde into the end zone, and afresh the brawl goes out of bounds. This acutely attenuate accident leads to a touchback, with the brawl traveling over to the opposing aggregation at their 20 backyard band (Note that touchbacks during non-offensive appropriate teams plays, such as punts and kickoffs, are absolutely common).


A aggregation array credibility by the afterward plays:

* A touchdown (TD) is account 6 points. It is denticulate if a amateur runs the brawl into or catches a canyon in his opponent’s end zone. A touchdown is akin to a try in rugby with the above aberration getting that a try requires the amateur to abode the brawl on the ground.

o Afterwards a touchdown, the scoring aggregation attempts a try (which is aswell akin to the about-face in rugby). The brawl is placed at the added team’s 3-yard (2.7 m) band (the 2-yard (1.8 m) band in the NFL). The aggregation can attack to bang it over the batten and through the ambition posts in the address of a acreage ambition for 1 point (an added point or point-after touchdown (PAT)[9]), or run or canyon it into the end breadth in the address of a touchdown for 2 credibility (a two-point conversion). In academy football, if the aegis intercepts or recovers a bollix during a one or two point about-face attack and allotment it to the opposing end zone, the arresting aggregation is awarded the two points.

* A acreage ambition (FG) is account 3 points, and it is denticulate by blame the brawl over the batten and through the ambition posts (uprights). Acreage goals may be placekicked (kicked if the brawl is captivated angular adjoin the arena by a teammate) or drop-kicked (extremely aberrant in the avant-garde game, with alone two successes in the endure 60 years). A acreage ambition is usually attempted on fourth down instead of a punt if the brawl is abutting to the opponent’s ambition line, or, if there is little or no time larboard to contrarily score.

* A safety, account 2 points, is denticulate by the opposing aggregation if the aggregation in control at the end of a down is amenable for the brawl acceptable asleep abaft its own ambition line. For instance, a assurance is denticulate by the “defense” if a amateur of the breach is tackled, goes out of bounds, or fumbles the brawl out of bound in his own end zone. Safeties are almost rare. Note that, admitting even added rare, the aggregation initially on “offense” during a down can account a assurance if a amateur of the aboriginal aegis assets control of the brawl in foreground of his own ambition band and afresh carries the brawl or fumbles it into his own end breadth area it becomes dead. However, if the brawl becomes asleep abaft the ambition band of the aggregation in control and its “opponent” is amenable for the brawl getting there (for instance, if the aegis intercepts a avant-garde canyon in its own end breadth and the brawl becomes asleep afore the brawl is avant-garde out of the end zone) it is a touchback: no credibility are denticulate and the aggregation endure in control keeps control with a aboriginal down at its own 20 backyard line. In college, in the acutely attenuate instance that a assurance is denticulate on a try, it is account alone 1 point.

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