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free coloring pages of fairies

The Flower Fairy is a very beautiful and powerful fairy, and is also very wise and caring. The Flower Fairy is so rare it is said to be a figment of the imagination. Unlike the Flower Fairy, the Water Fairy is tough and stubborn fairy. This fairy has a special stone called the Water Amulet. The Ice fairy lives on the on huge mountain of ice on a cloud that floats around Antartica. The ice fairy is so cold, to be touched by her would freeze you and the Fire Fairy is the only one who could revive you with the touch of her finger. The fairies received a magic star from the fairy world and were told that they could become human if they cast magic on the star. The Realm of Fairy is a strange shadow land, lying just beyond the fields we know by foxielicious is up2 eyeballs in wed invites ~ will / © All rights reserved Terms of Service·Privacy Policy·About·Opt-out. Parents help perpetuate the fantasy by showing their children how to place the lost tooth under their sleeping pillow or in a special holder or pillow made just for the Tooth Fairy. While everyone seems to know about the Tooth Fairy, not everyone celebrates in exactly the same manner. Why did a fairy become associated with losing a baby tooth. A generation ago, the Tooth Fairy brought only a modest gift, perhaps a dime or a quarter. In very recent years, that amount has increased dramatically and children now receive Tooth Fairy gifts ranging from a dollar to five dollars to much more. Is the Tooth Fairy celebrated around the world. Throughout English-speaking and many European countries, the Tooth Fairy tradition is widely known and practiced. By the age of nine or ten, most children have stopped believing in the Tooth Fairy. The last baby teeth are usually gone by age 12, and the Tooth Fairy ceases her visits. Others say that the Tooth Fairy is building a fabulous castle for herself using all of the “donated” teeth.

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