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Free Harry Potter Coloring Pages

02I didn’t apperceive area to put this; beneath Loth-original art (since I advised it myself), or beneath Fanquarter-fanart, back I didn’t actualize this characters…but I’ve apparent some added HP fanart here, so…there.

I’m not too blessed with this, I mean, I did this a while ago, and I just started absolutely belief animation structures (I started off with The Little bogie and Beauty and the Beast…a brace of How to Draw books I found…^^), so now I see verything that’s amiss with it…but I kinda like Hermione, and I absolutely like this Harry…

To admit the amount of amusement in our lives and to highlight the art of cartooning (America’s a lot of accepted art form), the National Cartoonist Society has appointed May 5 Cartoonists Day. So aces up your pencils and get out your paper, we’re gonna apprentice how to draw cartoons!

Each month, children’s book columnist and illustrator Gary Harbo presents a new appearance for us to draw. Presented in ten not-exactly-easy steps, they can be followed on screen, or printed out for after use. In accession to the lessons, Gary offers an array of his online illustrations chargeless to schools. Anyone amenable for a academy Web website should yield a attending at these fun graphics, anniversary accessible in two sizes.

Honorable Mentions

The afterward links are either new discoveries or sites that didn’t accomplish it into my bi-weekly cavalcade because of amplitude constraints. Enjoy!

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