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free oscar the grouch coloring pages

Oscar the Grouch is a Muppet type on the TV program Sesame Street. He has a green body  has none nose

and sleeps in a garbage can. His favorite thing in life is trash; prove for this is the song “I Love Trash”. Although “The Grouch” aptly reports his misanthropic interaction with the other characters, it is also the name of his species.Oscar can also convert mobile with the help of his friend Bruno, the trashman, who carried Oscar around in his can. Bruno was a full-body costume which allows Oscar’s puppeteer to manipulate Oscar while remaining hidden by the Bruno costume. (While Bruno was seen fairly regularly in Sesame Street’s former days, he hasn’t came out on the show in over a decade.) Also, as seen in the Elmo’s World episode ‘Dance’, the underside of his trash can is somewhat detachable, with Oscar’s legs protruding from the bottom of his trash can. Other evidence of this can be seen in Christmas Eve on Sesame Street

Oscar is named after Oscar Rovala, a player and one of the early board members of the babies Television Workshop. The character is executed by Muppeteer Carroll Spinney. Spinney’s other lead character is Big Bird. During the first season of Sesame Street, the street set was arranged such that Spinney, who is right-handed, was forced to operate Oscar’s head with his left hand. A subsequent redesign of the set allowed him to switch hands. Spinney has said in interviews that he modeled Oscar’s voice on that of a grumpy New York taxi driver he once hailed.

* Bodoque was/is a brown Mexican Grouch who lived in a pile of boxes on Plaza Sesamo

* Rumpel is a green German Grouch (since 1989) He’s not identical to Oscar, who was featured in the early German adaptions of the American episodes.

* In Portugal his name is Ferrão, and does not live in a trash can, but rather in a barrel.[citation needed]

* In Turkey he is named Kırpık and lives in a big basket.[citation needed]

* In Pakistan he is named Akhtar and lives in a rusty oil barrel

* In Israel a slightly different, orange puppet who lives in an old stationary car is called Moishe Oofnik: “Moyshe the complainer”, loosely translated. It was mentioned in the show that Oscar was his American cousin.[citation needed]

* In Brazil his name is Gugu.[citation needed]

* In Poland his name is Oskar Zrzeda

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