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Geese Coloring Pages

Goose (plural: geese) is the English name for a ample amount of birds, acceptance to the ancestors Anatidae. This ancestors aswell includes swans, a lot of of which are beyond than geese, and ducks, which are smaller. This commodity deals with the accurate geese in the subfamily Anserinae, association Anserini. A amount of added waterbirds, mainly accompanying to the shelducks, accept “goose” as allotment of their name. Goose in its origins is one of the oldest words of the Indo-European languages (Crystal), the avant-garde names anticipation from the proto-Indo-European root, *ghans-, accordingly Sanskrit hamsa (feminine hamsii), Persian Ghaz, Latin anser, Greek khén etc. In the Germanic languages, the basis chat led to Old English gōs with the plural gēs, German Gans and Old Norse gas. Added avant-garde derivatives are Russian gus and Old Irish géiss; the ancestors name of the apostolic Jan Hus is acquired from the Czech acquired husa. The appellation goose applies to the birds in general, and to a changeable in particular. The chat ankle (Old English gandra) is acclimated for a macho in particular. Young birds afore fledging are alleged goslings. A accumulation of geese on the arena is alleged a gaggle; if aerial in accumulation is alleged a block or a army (see aswell account of aggregate nouns for birds).

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