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Five years prior to the series, a massive explosion released high concentrations of nanites into the atmosphere, infecting every living thing on Earth. These nanites may randomly activate inside their hosts, mutating the subject into a monster known as an E.V.O. (or “Exponentially Variegated Organism”) – usually a mindless creature that attacks everything around it, though some E.V.O.s retain human-level intelligence. To combat the E.V.O. threat, an international organization known as Providence was created.

Rex is an amnesiac teenager who is not only infected with nanites like everyone else, but is an E.V.O. Unlike most E.V.O.s, however, he is not deformed in any way; unlike all other E.V.O.s, he is able to control his nanites, allowing him to manifest a variety of powers and even cure others of their mutations. Working for Providence under Agent Six, Rex uses his unique abilities to help stop E.V.O.s as they appear. Working against Providence is Van Kleiss, a sinister E.V.O. with connections not only to the Event which released the nanites, but to Rex himself.

Generator Rex Characters:

    * Rex Salazar (voiced by Daryl Sabara) – The protagonist of the series. Rex is a young amnesiac E.V.O. with the ability to grow various machines out of his body. He can also use his nanites to communicate with and control nearby machines, and to absorb active nanites from some other E.V.O.s, curing them. Control of his powers is linked to his emotional state, and can fail with low self-confidence, agitation or inner conflict. As shown in the episodes ‘Plague’ and ‘Rampage’, his powers can also fail when worn-out and tired. Rex experiences frustration in the tightly controlled environment of Providence, which he often vents through elaborate displays of disobedient behavior such as repeatedly breaking out of the base to go on “road trips” with Bobo. Rex sometimes voices fears that he may experience another blackout and forget his current life and friends. The series initially shrouds his past in mystery, slowly revealing it bit-by-bit; a fragmentary reconstruction of it can be assembled from various episodes.[2] In “Mixed Signals,” Rex learns that his last name is “Salazar,” that his parents were scientists named Rafael and Violetta, and that his older brother is named César. He also learns that he was born in Geneva, Switzerland, during his parent’s travels around the world, while his father was from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and his mother was from Mexico City, Mexico. When Rex was about 10, his family were part of the nanite-technology research project in Abysus. Rex was severely injured, with an experimental nanite-related treatment administered by his parents’ colleague Dr. Gabriel Rylander his only hope for survival. The cure apparently works; however, as a side effect, Rex begins manifesting E.V.O. powers, in the form of biomechanical machines. The Nanite-Release Event occurs around this point; Rex becomes separated from his family. His parents’ fate has not been elaborated upon, but it is implied they were killed in the Event, while his brother César escaped (and was trapped) in a superluminal spacecraft. Rex surfaced as a street-gang leader in Hong Kong, suffering from periodic amnesia-causing blackouts. At some point after that, he was retrieved by Providence after transforming into a rampaging robotic E.V.O.; his present set of memories begin at this point. Rex’s powers come in the form of “builds,” machine enhancements his nanites can generate seemingly out of thin air. Only one build is ever shown being manifested at a time, with the exception of one brief scene in “Without a Paddle.” In the first season, builds include robotic arms/hands (called “Smack Hands” by Rex), robotic legs/feet (“Punk Busters”), a sword/rotary saw (“Big Fat Sword” or BFS), a bazookalike cannon (“Slam Cannon”), a ducted-fan flight-pack (“Boogie Pack”) (also capable of working underwater), and a hover-bike (“Rex Ride”). During the second season, Rex gains additional builds after the Omega-1 nanite he had been injected with by Dr. Rylander spontaneously activates. Whereas the first-season builds have a purely mechanical character and a predominantly orange color scheme, the second season builds seem to be energy-based, with a blue color scheme. They include a backpack dynamo with an electrified, extensible whip-like tentacle (“Whip Arm”), a pair of extending fists which can rotate and generate energy shockwaves (“Nunchucks”), and a pair of energy-enhanced hand axes (“Battle Axes”). In ‘Written in Sand’, Rex learns that the Omega-1 nanite has a nanite self-replicating function, allowing him to make his own nanites. In the episode ‘Haunted’ it’s revealed that he can now cure non-humans, whereas in the first season he could only cure humans.


* Agent Six (voiced by Wally Kurth) – A senior Providence agent and Rex’s handler. He wears a green suit with a black tie and black sunglasses; it is implied he is very particular about his choice of attire, as he owns an entire closetful of identical suits. His overall appearance and demanor bear a resemblance to Agent Smith from the Matrix series. He has a humorless by-the-book personality, following orders above all else. He tends to treat Rex somwhat coolly, but has also shown a soft spot for him. Six is proficient in several forms of martial arts, is in excellent shape, and wields a pair of fold-up katanas that can slice through most materials with ease. These katanas also have magnetic properties when joined together into a shape similar to a tuning fork. In “Divide By Six,” it revealed that Six is part of an informal group with five other skilled fighters, and that his name represents his being the sixth most dangerous person in the world. Six also revealed that “One” (the most dangerous person in the world) had taken Six in when he was homeless and trained him.

* Bobo Haha (voiced by John DiMaggio) – A talking E.V.O. chimp and Rex’s sidekick. He wears an eye patch and fez. Aside from the ability to talk, he seems to be a completely normal chimpanzee. He wields a pair of laser pistols in combat. Before the nanite event, he was a therapy chimpanzee trained to entertain children at a hospital. In “Robo Bobo,” Bobo created a robot with a “nice” personality, which annoyed Rex. The Robot Bobo was used as a decoy for Providence when the Real Bobo went out “somewhere”.

* Dr. Holiday (voiced by Grey DeLisle) – The lead scientist for Providence. She is usually seen wearing a lab coat, an orange top, a skirt, and knee-high boots. She has green eyes and her hair is tied in a formal bun on the top of her head for the most part. She is depicted as the polar opposite of Agent Six, as she is much more in-tune with her emotions, in contrast to Agent Six’s stoic nature. She is the one of the few who see Rex as more than a machine. Rex frequently flirts with her to no effect. She repeatedly tries to convince Six to try to relate to Rex, as she understands what he goes through with his amnesia and the pressure put on him by Providence. In “Lockdown,” it is revealed that she has a sister who is an uncurable spider-like E.V.O. In “Promises, Promises,” it was shown that she used to work under Dr. Fell (who was the lead scientist for Providence at the time) in Providence’s early days. In “A Family Holiday” Six reveals that her first name is Rebecca.

* Noah Nixon (voiced by Fred Savage) – Rex’s best friend. He was initially recruited by White Knight and assigned to an undercover post as Rex’s friend, as a means of giving Rex an outlet for his anti-authority impulses. He is blond, a good student, and a skilled table-tennis player. and usually wears a green jacket with a chocolate shirt and gray pants with black shoes. While a normal human, he has some combat ability, having taken kick-boxing lessons and also having passed through Providence boot camp. The truth about his association with White Knight is revealed in “Lockdown” in which while furious at first, Rex forgives Noah for the deception. In “Rampage,” Noah is briefly turned into an E.V.O. by Van Kleiss, but is cured by Rex. His last name is not mentioned until “Without a Paddle.”

* White Knight (voiced by J.K. Simmons) – The leader of Providence, and the only nanite-free human on the planet. He had been trapped in a molecular-dissection chamber during Providence’s early days, though a young Rex deactivated it before it could completely vaporize him; instead, it only destroyed his nanites. As the only person on Earth who cannot go E.V.O., he is also the only one who can be trusted to lead the organization. He is characterized by a grim determination to stop the E.V.O. threat, and will go to any lengths necessary to accomplish this goal, including the destruction of entire cities. He is initially somewhat harsh and distrustful toward Rex, but is willing to use him, and appears to gradually accept him more as the series progresses. White Knight can only leave his rooms at Providence HQ in a hazmat suit, and therefore mostly communicates with his subordinates via viewscreen. He does occasionally venture out in a set of powered armor, but only in serious emergencies. The room that he resides in is equipped with a powerful electromagnet in the floor, to trap stray nanites; it may also be used to restrain E.V.O.s. The electro-magnet is incredibly strong however, and able to restrain E.V.O.s when on low setting. At full power, the magnet is able to rip the nanites from an E.V.O.’s body. It is revealed that before the accident that destroyed his nanites he was partners with Agent Six in Providence.

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