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Groundhog Day Coloring Pages

Self-centered TV astrologer Phil Connors, his ambassador Rita, and cameraman Larry from the fabulous Pittsburgh television base WPBH-TV9 biking to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to awning the anniversary Groundhog Day anniversary with Punxsutawney Phil for the station. Phil, who has developed annoyed of this assignment, grudgingly gives his address and attempts to acknowledgment aback to Pittsburgh if a blast that he predicted would absence the breadth shuts down the capital roads, banishment Phil and his aggregation to break in boondocks an added day.

Phil wakes up to acquisition that he is reliving February 2 again. Everyone abroad is repeating the aforementioned accomplishments as the day before, acutely blind of the time loop, admitting Phil charcoal acquainted of the contest of the antecedent day. At aboriginal he is confused, but, if the bend continues, he starts to try to yield advantage of the bearings afterwards abhorrence of abiding consequences, acquirements secrets from the town�s residents, absorbing women, burglary money, and active drunk. However, attempts to get afterpiece to Rita are again shut down. With anniversary access of the loop, Phil becomes despondent; during one loop, he kidnaps Punxsutawney Phil and afterwards a continued badge chase, drives over a cliff, actualization to annihilate both Phil and the groundhog. However, Phil wakes up in the next bend and finds that annihilation has changed; added attempts at suicide are just as abortive as he continues to acquisition himself aback at the alpha of February 2.

Phil continues to try to apprentice added about Rita, and if he reveals his bearings to her and the ability he�s acquired about the town�s residents, she opens up to him and suggests he try to use his bearings to admonition account the town. Phil uses her admonition and the time bend to admonition as abounding humans about boondocks as possible, as able-bodied as accessible himself, such as by acquirements to play applesauce piano and speaking French. Phil, now absorbed with the town�s celebration, is able to accept his adulation to Rita, and she accepts and allotment his love. Afterwards the black dance, the two retire calm to Phil�s room.

Phil wakes up the next day, and finds the time bend has broken; it is now February 3 and Rita is still in bed with him. As the aggregation adapt to acknowledgment to Pittsburgh, Phil and Rita allocution about eventually clearing down in Punxsutawney, but they�ll �rent first.�

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