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GroupscoloringA preschooler is running all over the place.Sometimes those days just happen Youve used every activity in the book, and the clock still says you have ten minutes of class left Its Easter Sunday, and you have twice as many kids as usual and only half as many supplies. Your kids are losing interest in the lesson, and you desperately want to get them back Childrens ministry is full of twists and turns, ups and downs It doesnt always go the way you think it will, and sometimes you need a new and innovative, and fast. idea in your classroom.
So here it is Coloring Creations Activity Pages, the perfect book for anyone who has ever experienced one of those days in childrens ministry, Coloring Creations looks like a coloring book, but its more than just a coloring book. Its an activity page book. Each reproducible coloring page is accompanied by a relevant Bible story and Scripture verse, an activity to make the page 3-D, and an age-appropriate discussion guide to help you make the activity applicable and relevant for your students Each activity in this book is a chance for you to expand on a lesson, dig a little deeper into a theme or topic, and teach a valuable lesson to your students
The pages in this booh are reproducible, so the book belongs on your bookshelf where it can be pulled out and used again and againfor years
Each activity is based on a story, which makes this book a wonderful tool for any childrens ministry leader Simply locate the activity page in this book that best accompanies the story youre teaching and youve got an instant enhancement for your lesson The page will give you another opportunity tor teaching the a story, as well as giving kids a fun craft activity that they can take home

Talk about:
Ask: How did God take care of Noah and the animals
How did Noah follow God?
How can you follow God?
Say: God told Noah what lo do lo be safe from the flood Noah obeyed God and followed all his instructions God wants us to obey our moms and dads when were little. So when you obey your parents, youre obeying God and following him. just like Noah did!
Pray Dear God. thank you lor taking care of Noah and all Ihe animals. Help us to follow you too, just like Noah did. amen.

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