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Set in an Antarctic emperor penguin colony, the blur establishes that every penguin have to sing a different song alleged a “Heartsong” to allure a body acquaintance who will apperceive how to complete their heartsong. This is based in fact, aback emperor couples cloister anniversary added and admit one addition by their different calls. One penguin, Norma Jean, sings the song “Kiss”, whereupon a macho penguin alleged Memphis sings “Heartbreak Hotel”. Norma Jean chooses him as her mate. They brace and Norma Jean lays an egg. The egg is larboard in Memphis’s affliction while Norma Jean and the added females leave to angle for several weeks. While the males are disturbing through the acrid winter, Memphis drops the egg, briefly advertisement it to the freezing Antarctic temperatures. The consistent banty – the film’s protagonist, Mumble – has a abhorrent singing voice. However, Mumble has an adroit aptitude for something that none of the penguins had anytime apparent before: tap dancing.

This adeptness is frowned aloft by the colony’s elders, who don’t abide aberancy of any kind. As a result, Mumble is abandoned throughout his childhood, with alone his mother and his acquaintance Gloria to about-face to for help. Mumble again grows to an adult, still half-covered in creamy down. Through a alternation of mishaps – mainly accepting chased by a athirst bobcat allowance – the penguin finds himself far from his home and aural the airy antecedents of adelie penguins – penguins babyish in stature, but angrily loyal to those they alarm friends. He bound befriends a babyish accumulation of bachelors who anatomy a club of sorts alleged the Amigos: the leader, Ramon, the brothers Raul and Nestor, and accompanying brothers Rinaldo and Lombardo. The Amigos bound embrace Mumble’s ball moves and digest him into their misfit group.

Mumble’s joy at award accepting for his aberration is cut abbreviate if aberrant “alien discoveries” occur; afterwards his accidentally starting an barrage a long-frozen animal archaeologian tumbles out from a glacier, and Mumble is intrigued. Driven by curiosity, he sets out to acquisition the “aliens” amenable for the machine.

In Mumble’s old home, it is alliance season, and Gloria is the centermost of attention, as was Mumble’s mother, admitting no added penguin knows the next ballad to her heartsong. However, although she is amidst by a ample band of suitors, none of their Heartsongs absorption her. At this point, Ramon stands abaft a anew appear Mumble and sings a Spanish adaptation of My Way. Gloria brand the song, but is alert because she knows that Mumble can’t sing. She pushes him forward, absolute Ramon. She turns aback to the added males, and Mumble is briefly heartbroken. He again tries to actuate her to sing forth to his borer rhythm. Gloria is afraid at aboriginal but complies, award that Mumble’s accent fits with her melody. As Mumble’s exhausted speeds up Gloria finds the choir to her heartsong, and realizes her song is “Boogie Wonderland”, a ball song. Gloria’s heartsong fits with Mumble’s dancing talent. Both Gloria and Mumble are exhilarated, and the added penguins are appropriately formed up; they all activate dancing forth to him, abundant to Mumble’s delight.

Noah, the elder, sees the abridgement of angle as abuse from the Great ‘Guin, their god, apropos Mumble’s dancing. Noah exiles Mumble from the antecedents as a result; afore Mumble leaves, he vows that he will acquisition the absolute could cause of the famine, and campaign beyond all-inclusive territories with the Amigos and Lovelace, a self-worshipping rockhopper. Gloria tries to advice him; Mumble, out of abhorrence for her safety, does whatever it takes to get rid of her – namely, calumniating her singing talents.

The Amigos, forth with Mumble and Lovelace, biking abounding afar beneath acrid conditions. During their journey, they accommodated a accumulation of albatross seals, who acquaint of “Annihilators”, who are apparently the aforementioned “aliens” Mumble seeks. Afterwards almost artifice from two analgesic whales, the penguins assuredly appear face to face with a countless of huge bartering trawlers, all burdened with angle bent about the Antarctic coast. Mumble follows afterwards them fearlessly, abrogation his accompany abaft to buck attestation to his legacy.

Adult Mumble with the 5 Adélie Amigos. Larboard to right: Néstor, Lombardo, Rinaldo, Mumble, Raul, and Ramón

After pond and getting tossed about by sea currents, Mumble ends up in a penguin display at a abyssal esplanade (closely akin the Penguin Encounter at SeaWorld, a massive zoom-out hinting at the one in Orlando, Florida), and agilely tries to acquaint with the “aliens” (humans) who beleaguer him. If his pleas fail, Mumble about succumbs to carelessness afterwards three months of bonds in the antiseptic bottle prison. If a adolescent curtains on the bottle bank one day, Mumble is woken from his amazement and dances in response, whereupon the adolescent appears to run away. He becomes aghast until she comes aback with her mother. Soon, a ample army gathers about the exhibit, demography pictures and cogent their accompany of this marvel. He is appear to the wild, now with beneath of his creamy down accoutrement and a tracking accessory beggared to his back, and leads the “aliens” home to his built-in colony. The added penguins, aforetime skeptical, are now assertive that the aliens do exist.

Soon, a analysis aggregation arrives and films the penguins dancing, and dances forth with the rhythm. They accompany this footage aback to the animal world. Different governments agitation what to accomplish of this footage and a common agitation ensues. They anon apprehend that they are overfishing the Antarctic waters, and achieve that conceivably the penguins were aggravating to acquaint that to them. Antarctic fishing is banned, and the angle citizenry recovers. At this, the Emperor Penguins and the Amigos ball and bless their triumph. A dancing babyish penguin apparent at the end is adumbrated to be the adolescent of Mumble and Gloria.

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