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Hen (bird), a female bird, a female of any member of the bird family, including species of poultry, duck, fowl, ostrich or emu.

The craven (Gallus gallus, sometimes G. gallus domesticus) is a calm fowl which is commonly believed to accept descended from the agrarian Red Junglefowl begin in India (species: Gallus gallus).[1] However, some abiogenetic analysis has appropriate that the bird acceptable descended from both Red and the Grey Junglefowl (G. sonneratii). Although hybrids of both agrarian types usually tend against sterility, contempo abiogenetic plan has appear that the genotype for craven derma present in the calm fowl is not present in what is contrarily its abutting kin, the Red Junglefowl. It is accounted a lot of likely, then, that the craven derma affection in calm birds originated in the Grey Junglefowl.[2]

As the breed advance conduct occurred throughout assorted sites in Asia—including India area it was acclimated for erect fighting.[3] From India the conduct of craven advance throughout Near East, Africa and the Greco-Roman world.[3]

The craven is one of the a lot of accepted and boundless calm animals. With a citizenry of added than 24 billion in 2003,[4] there are added chickens in the apple than any added bird. Humans accumulate chickens primarily as a antecedent of food, with both their meat and their eggs consumed.

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