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Hot Wheels Coloring Pages

Hot Wheels cars Coloring Pages for kids,

You will be able to buy hot wheels in many toystores and several stores has customised hot wheels. these cars are very hot wheel cars

and they have got hot bedding wheels.

Every successful birthday party takes planning and formulation. Get into gear with the party games and activities offered below. If a child’s birthday party has plenty of activities, the kid’s won’t find the need to create their own fun, wreaking havoc on your house.


Hang car cut-outs, posters, or calendar pictures from the ceiling

and on the walls. Use clean tires stuffed with pillows for chairs.

Cover your table with white butcher paper. Tape black building paper down the middle to represent a road. Add Yellow lines using paint or paper.

Use a car pinata orRedline Blisters

hot wheels for sale are:

Loose Redlines – Spectraflame Colors

Loose Redlines – 1973s (Enamel)

Loose Redlines – Other Colors

Collectors Buttons

Limited Editions and Promos

Loose Blackwalls, Ultra Hots, Hot Ones, etc. (’77 – ’89)

1995 Series Cars

Pre Numbered Blisters (’78 to ’89)

Numbered (1 to 100) Blisters (’90 to Present)

Numbered (101 to 200) Blisters (’90 to Present)

Numbered (201 to 274) Blisters (’90 to Present)

25th Anniversary

Vintage I

Vintage II

India and International

Misc. Sets and Unusual Stuff

hot wheels computer

there are many web sites that have hotwheels games but in our site you will find coloring pages for hot wheels. If you want games just write in commenst it will be there for you.

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