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Animated application Computer-generated adumbration and advertisement in the United States on PBS Kids (English) and Univision (dubbed in Spanish as of April 2008); in Ireland on RTÉ Two, as allotment of The Den; in Australia on ABC; in Ontario on TVOKids; in the UK on BBC Two, CITV and Cbeebies; in Poland on TVP and in Brazil on TV Cultura and Discovery Kids. It has been translated into Scottish Gaelic for admirers watching BBC Two Scotland, as able-bodied as into German, Gaelic, Portuguese and Italian.

The appearance chronicles the adolescence adventures of Piggley Winks, an animal pig from Ireland and how he relates these belief to his grandchildren as a grandfathering in the present day.

The chat “Jakers!” is based on an Irish announcement and agency “wow!” or “amazing!” – Piggley and his ancestor use it to accurate their contentment if they ascertain something on their adventures.

Jakers! takes abode in two altered settings, in two altered time periods.

In the present time (the anatomy story), Piggley Winks lives in the United States of America (or England, according to altered versions) and tells belief of his adolescence in rural Ireland to his three grandchildren. In flashback, he is apparent as a child, arena with his accompany and traveling to academy in rural Ireland in the mid-1950s. Most of the capital characters are animal animals – including Piggley and his family, who are all pigs. However, there are normal, non-anthropomorphic animals in the appearance as well.


Piggley Winks (here accurate by extra Maile Flanagan), age-old 8, lived with his parents Padrig (Charlie Adler) and Elly (Russi Taylor) and his adolescent sister Molly (Tara Strong) in Raloo Acreage in Ireland during the 50′s. His best accompany are Dannan O’Mallard (Entje in the German version), a avoid (also accurate by Tara Strong) who lives in a hut by a pond with her rarely-seen grandmother, and Fernando Toro (also accurate by Russi Taylor), accepted as Ferny, a adolescent balderdash who lives with his father, the Spanish blacksmith Don Toro (Fernando Escandon) in the apple of Tara.

Piggley lives his accustomed activity in the acreage as a accustomed kid, traveling to school, allowance his parents, demography affliction of his sister, and accepting all sorts of adventures, about consistently followed by his friends. He has consistently had absorption in belief and legends, and his abundant apperception and arch spirit put him in abounding capricious situations, like assertive fairies angry Ferny into a bug, aggravating to bear a declared dragon’s egg, application the Salmon of Knowledge to canyon the academy exam, and even aggravating to abduction the allegorical Fir Darrig.

Each adventure aswell appearance a subplot featuring Wiley, the sheep (Mel Brooks). Being the alone sheep in the army who can talk, he believes he is their “natural leader”, and tries to get the added sheep to do all kinds of things (singing, racing, arena sports, acting, etc.), with capricious degrees of success. He is after assisted by his mate, a changeable sheep called Shirley (Joan Rivers). (In beforehand seasons, Shirley could not talk, and in the adventure “Growing Pains” gave bearing to a lamb, after called Little Baa.)

A active gag on the appearance is that Wiley’s subplot and the Piggley artifice would bang (example in “Sheep on the Loose” area Wiley runs abroad and Piggley has to acquisition him, as the shepherd).


In the present time, Piggley (here accurate by Peadar Lamb) lives with his three grandchildren, the twins Sean and Seamus (Nika Futterman) and their earlier sister Meg (Melissa Disney), and their mother (Piggley’s daughter) (Russi Taylor). Whenever the kids accept a problem, Piggley tells them one of his adolescence belief as a moral lesson. The grandchildren are able to analyze exaggerations in his stories.

The originally American accents of the accouchement accept been dubbed with English accents for advertisement in the United Kingdom.

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