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Jungle Book 2 Coloring Pages

Jungle Book 2 Coloring Pages

Mowgli (Haley Joel Osment) is in the Man Village, active with his adoptive parents and new little brother, Ranjan (Connor Funk). He makes accompany with Shanti (Mae Whitman), the babe who absorbed Mowgli into the Man Village. After Mowgli gets in trouble, he blames Shanti and won’t allocution to her, again Mowgli starts to absence the jungle.

After an escape from a charge of elephants, Baloo (John Goodman) sneaks into the Man Apple – disregarded by the villagers – to appointment Mowgli. Also, Mowgli’s old accomplished enemy, Shere Khan (Tony Jay), allotment for his revenge. Meanwhile, Shanti tries to apologize to Mowgli, but she sees Baloo with Mowgli, and shrieks for help. Shere Khan sneaks into the apple and anybody thinks he’s the agrarian animal. After Baloo and Mowgli escape into the jungle. Shanti, assertive her acquaintance was kidnapped, follows them.

Also, Mowgli’s added enemy, the athirst snake Kaa (Jim Cummings), spots him and Baloo talking, and attempts to eat Mowgli. But, fortunately, he fails.

Later, Kaa spots Shanti alone, and tries to eat her. He manages to subdue her with his anesthetic stare, until Ranjan comes advanced and pulls Shanti abroad in time, absolution her from Kaa’s trance. Ranjan starts assault Kaa with a stick, and Kaa ends up accidently burning a ample rock. The weight of the bedrock makes his coils abatement on top of him. While Ranjan keeps hitting Kaa, Shanti grabs him to get abroad from the snake. Ranjan anon scares Kaa from behind, and causes Kaa to abatement off a adjacent bluff and into a attic tree, and Shanti and Ranjan anon leave.

Mowgli seems to adore the boscage as he acclimated to and tells Baloo about his activity in the Man Apple and Shanti. Soon, Mowgli’s old bobcat guardian, Bagheera (Bob Joles), abstracts out that Mowgli had able the Man Apple with Baloo, and he tries to acquisition him.

Shanti and Ranjan are still searching for Mowgli, again get absent in the jungle. They anon acquisition Mowgli blind from the vines, because Mowgli was ambuscade from them and accidentally tripped. Baloo finds them and scares Shanti. Shanti abstracts out that Mowgli got Baloo to alarm her, and she gets affronted at him, and again Mowgli gets affronted at Baloo for alarming Shanti.

Mowgli runs away. He finds an age-old temple and enters it. Shere Khan finds Mowgli at the temple and chases him. Mowgli anon runs into a atrium and he and Shanti jump beyond and acreage on a tiger arch statue. Shere Khan all-overs assimilate the tiger arch which starts to crack. Shere Khan avalanche and acreage on a bedrock and the tiger arch acreage down accoutrement him inside. Mowgli and Shanti abatement too but are adored by Baloo. Meanwhile, Lucky, a new affiliate of the vultures, comes down and begins to aggravate Shere Khan.

They anon acknowledgment to the Man Apple and are greeted by their families but Mowgli, Shanti and Ranjan acknowledgment to the boscage the next day to absorb some time with their new boscage family.

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